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Guide to Collecting Metals in The Sims 3

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Collecting ore in The Sims 3 is a fun way for Sims to make some money and also work on the hidden skill of collecting. Find out all about the metals that your Sim can find with this guide and even how to find a mysterious gnome too!

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    The Sims 3 Collecting Skill

    The Sims 3 hidden skill of Collecting can be found when looking at your Sim’s “Skill Journal." Simply select any of your skills such as “Writing" and then when looking at the journal click on the “Collecting" tab that looks like a butterfly. Here you can see how many rocks, gems, seeds, butterflies, beetles, and spirits your Sim has found.

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    About Ores and Metals in The Sims 3

    Sims that like collecting and showing off their wealth perhaps enjoy the ores that can be smelted. What Sim wouldn’t like a gold ingot or the extraordinarily unusual Woohooium ingot to show off in their home?

    Sims 3 Mysterious Gnomes Smelting an ingot is worth it if the value of the ore is worth more than $53 to justify paying the $40 for having the ore smelted. The smelted value of the ore is worth about 175% more than the price of the original ore.

    Also, sometimes when you smelt an ore it will turn into a “Mysterious Mr. Gnome" that is worth $1,000. You can sell the gnome or place it on your lot to watch it move around randomly and find it doing interesting things like watching TV, standing on furniture, and much more. Venturing to other towns in World Adventures also gives you the chance to find other gnomes such as the Sultan Sam the Magical Gnome of Egypt, Little Leon the Magical Gnome of France, and Master Manchu the Magical Gnome of China.

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    Sims 3 Collecting Ore Guide

    Base Neighborhood Sims 3 Collecting Ore:The Sims 3 Smelted Ingots 

    • Iron – (Rarity: Common, Value: $7-20, Ingot Value: $12-35)
    • Silver – (Rarity: Common, Value: $25-35, Ingot Value: $44-61)
    • Gold – (Rarity: Unommon, Value: $40-120, Ingot Value: $70-210)
    • Palladium – (Rarity: Rare, Value: $300-500, Ingot Value: $525-875)
    • Plutonium – (Rarity: Extraordinarily Unusual, Value: $1,000-1,800, Ingot Value: $1,750-3,150)

    Ore in China (Requires The Sims 3: World Adventures):

    • Platinum – (Rarity: Uncommon, Value: $250-336, Ingot Value: $437-588)
    • Mercury – (Rarity: Uncommon, Value: $100-400, Ingot Value: $175-700)

    Ore in Egypt (Requires The Sims 3: World Adventures):

    • Copper – (Rarity: Common, Value: $15-31, Ingot Value: $26-54)
    • Mummitomium – (Rarity: Rare, Value: $750-1,200, Ingot Value: $1,312-2,100)

    Ore in France (Requires The Sims 3: World Adventures):

    • Iridum – (Rarity: Uncommon, Value: $75-155, Ingot Value: $131-271)The Sims 3 Mummitomium and Woohooium 
    • Titanium – (Rarity: Rare, Value: $450-700, Ingot Value: $787-1,225)

    Sims 3 Transfiguration Ore (Requires World Adventures):

    • Compendium – (Rarity: Extraordinarily Unusual, Requires: 2 to 4 different metals and placing them in a display case, Value: $25% more than the worth of the metals used)
    • Supernovium – (Rarity: Extraordinarily Unusual, Requires: 6 or more different metals and placing them in a display case, Value: $6,125-9,625)

    Sims 3 Collecting Ore from The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack:

    • Woohooium – (Rarity: Extraordinarily Unusual, Found from Sculptor’s Workbench, Consignment Store, Garbage cans in France from World Adventures, and Relic Shops in towns in World Adventures, Value: $1,032-1,141)

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