Sims Medieval King for a Day Walkthrough - Destroy the Cheese!

Sims Medieval King for a Day Walkthrough - Destroy the Cheese!
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Every so often a monarch just feels like they need a little vacation, but in their absence somebody has to keep an eye on the kingdom! For the cost of three quest points any of your heroes apart from your monarch can step up to the task in the “King for a Day” quest. The rewards include 30 RP for your kingdom, 1,400 simoles and 2,400 experience for your participating hero, and a boost to your kingdom’s well being aspect.

Getting Started

Upon starting the quest, you’ll immediately be notified that the king or queen expects you to watch their place while they’re off whale

hunting. Head to the castle and speak to the monarch, accepting your role as their proxy. They’ll immediately set out on their voyage, leaving you free reign of the castle!

What is that smell?!

The first order of business, of course, is to try out that comfy throne. Take a seat for a moment and bask in the royal luxury while you can. When you’re ready, head down to the town square to mingle amongst your citizens.

Upon arriving in the town square you are greeted by a stench most foul. Approach one of the many nauseated townsfolk to ask about the source. They’ll reveal that a ship full of the world’s stinkiest cheese has docked nearby, and insist you do something about it! Head over to the docks and board the ship there to investigate this unholy cheese. Keep in mind this cheese is so foul that your hero may need to come up for air and make more than one attempt at retrieving it!

Destroying the Cheese

Once your hero manages to retrieve the cheese, they must find a way to destroy it before it does any more harm! Each hero has a different

This won’t hurt. Much.

approach for this task, according to their class.

  • If you’re using a wizard, you’ll first need to find an innocent bystander willing to hold the cheese for them. This may require a little bit of chatting. Then, zap said bystander with a magic arrow! (You may need to prepare this spell at your Magnum Mysterium Tome.)

  • A spy or knight will first need to acquire three chunks of fowl meat. Purchase them at the village shoppe. Then head to a fireplace with a cooking pot and cook up a cheesy treat for the pit beast. Head to the judgement zone to deliver the beast’s meal and be done with that stinking cheese for good!

  • With a bard the first order of business is to find a cask and get a drink. This will produce one glass for them to enjoy and one “skin o' booze” for their inventory. No other ingredients are needed, so once you’re done with your drink, go to a cooking pot to whip up some concentrated cider to dissolve the cheese.

  • If you’re using a blacksmith, you’ll need to acquire the following: one cruddium, two ferrous, and one phosphorus. You can mine these yourself, or purchase them at the village shoppe. Once you’ve collected all the necessary materials, head to a forge to craft a cage for the cheese, then board a ship to sink it to the bottom of the sea!

  • A merchant simply needs to pack up the cheese and their entrepeneureal spirit and head off to the village, where they can sell the cheese as “gourmet.”

  • If you’re using a physician, you’ll need some leeches, which can either be purchased at the village shoppe, or collected at the green bubbling spots in the river. You can then use the poor leeches to remove mold from the cheese, but it won’t be enough. Luckily tossing what’s left of the cheese in a fire will do the trick.

  • With a jacoban priest, head back to the town square and drop the cheese down the well. That’ll put the fear of the Watcher in those peasants!

  • A peteran priest is the luckiest of all, just invoke the Watcher’s power and the unholy cheese is cleansed!

A Slanderous Town Crier

While dealing with the cheese, you’ve probably gotten word that the town crier’s been saying some unsavory things about you. Head to the town square to confront him.

How dare you call me a usurper!

The town crier will call you a usurper, and says he won’t stop til you’ve been driven from the kingdom! You have two choices here: you can either discuss this rationally with him, or intimidate him. This choice won’t really effect the quest as a whole, but it will change your relationship with the town crier.

If you choose to “have a thoughtful conversation” with him, you’ll need to keep chatting and joking with him until he becomes your friend. Then he’ll admit you seem like a reasonable sort and spread the word about you.

If you choose to intimidate him, you’ll need to call him a milky-eyed cur, belittle his manhood, and generally be mean to him until he officially dislikes you. He’ll then say he doesn’t want any trouble and leave you alone.

Party in the Throne Room

You guys were not all here when I left.

It’s time to head back to the castle, which is now packed with people dancing! Ask

I deserve to party a little. This ruler stuff is stressful.

the royal advisor what’s going on, and you’ll learn that while you were out the townsfolk decided to throw a party in the throne room. Speak to one of the revelers to gain further insight, then make your choice. You can either shut the party down, or join in.

Shutting it down will get you called a lot of ugly names, but everyone will clear out of the throne room well before the monarch returns.

If you decide to join in on the festivities, simply speak to a reveler to “proclaim this party most righteous!” You can have some fun for half an hour, but then you’ll have to tell everybody to leave. The monarch will be returning soon!

A Homecoming Gift

At some point after you return to the castle, you’ll recieve a message saying that the monarch will be returning soon, and it’s customary to present them with a homecoming gift. You can choose whether or not you want to observe this tradition. If you do, head to the village shoppe and purchase the homecoming gift under the items tab for 33 simoles. If you don’t, just prepare to get sassed by the monarch!

The Monarch’s Return

I beat up the town crier, and totally trashed your throne room, but I got you something!

Once the monarch returns, they’ll be expecting to hear from you right away. If you bought the homecoming gift, go ahead and present them with it before giving your status report, reviewing all the choices you made throughout the quest. You’ll find, no matter what you did, the monarch will be pleased with you as long as they got their gift! No gift will result in a disappointed monarch, but either way the quest is complete and the rewards are yours!


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.