The Top Mafia Themed Text Based iPhone MMO RPGs at the App Store

The Top Mafia Themed Text Based iPhone MMO RPGs at the App Store
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Top iPhone RPGs

In the text based iPhone MMO RPG craze, the mafia themed iPhone RPGs were the first on the scene and in many ways remain the most popular. These games take a simple format that allows you to create a character, engage in missions, invest in property, fight with other characters, and add to your crew. All this is done in a text representation that actually ends up being more engaging than if it was with a graphical representation. Here is a look at the best mafia themed iPhone RPGs that are still available at the iTunes’ App Store.

iMob Online

At the top of its game remains The Godfather’s flagship iMob Online. iMob Online was the first text based iPhone MMO RPG to break through and establish itself, enjoying immense popularity, and it still remains that way today. More recently iMob Online’s facial overhaul has made it even more successful, but part of its success comes from its defining iMob Online Friend Code system. Each player is assigned an iMob Online Friend Code that they used to identify themselves. The most pervasive way you add other players is to use their iMob Online Friend Code to add them, and even if you reset your account you will keep your iMob Online Friend Code. iMob Online has also moved beyond its iMob Online Friend Codes and has established a very accurate location friending system that allows you to add ten players a day from a given location. What iMob Online really excels at today is the simplicity in design. You are given many different iMob Online promotional offers as you go along like free iMob Online weapons and free Respect Points. These iMob Online promotional offers come in periodically and simply, not requiring you to go through a complex series of different issues. Even in terms of the iMob Online Respect Points you have a limited number of options for spending them, but this almost makes the iMob Online Respect Points get spent in an economic way every time. Though iMob Online has been surpassed in depth of fundamental gameplay, its clean feel and long standing tradition will keep it at the top of its game. If its popularity remains you can expect even more iMob Online updates and iMob Online promotional offers.

iMafia III

Right up against iMob Online was PlayMesh’s iMafia, which allows for similar gameplay functions but with more of a graphical interface.


iMafia has gone through three incarnations, as have all the iMafia franchises like Legions of War or Heroes III, and now is in its most complete version: iMafia III. With iMafia III you get a lot more detail in how you can level up, including how you level up specific missions and weapons. Beyond this you have secrets placed in maps, a much more complete way to customize yourself, and a property system that is great. What is really defining to iMafia III, and all of PlayMesh RPGs, is that it does not use a code system like the iMob Online Friend Codes. Instead it forces you to buy mafia members for your mob using real money or iMafia III PlayMesh Points. You are still required to add to your iMafia III mob, but you cannot do it by adding other players. The iMafia III PlayMesh Points system is provided with a lot of options, and you can use these iMafia III PlayMesh Points on things like more mafia members and money. The iMafia III PlayMesh Points are also given away as promotional offers frequently, so you can expect free iMafia III PlayMesh Points often.

iMobsters 2.0


iMobsters 2.0 is a major uplift to the original iMobsters design from Storm8. Now iMobsters 2.0 has a smooth interface and follows much of the same structure as the rest of the Storm8 army. You will utilize a mission based system that forces you into leveling up, but will also maintain the iMobsters 2.0 Mob Codes. The iMobsters 2.0 Mob Codes follows the iMob Online Friend Code system where each player is defined by an iMobsters 2.0 Mob Code and the iMobsters 2.0 Mob Codes are used to add each other. The format is similar to iMob Online in this way, but has a much more complicated system in daily gameplay. iMobsters 2.0 is also updated on more consistent basis, so you will see changes frequently.

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