The Top Three Vampire Themed MMO RPGs for the iPhone

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Vampire Role Playing

The text based iPhone MMO RPG phenomena that was first popularized by games like iMob Online and iMafia has extended to almost every theme imaginable. One of the most popular of these iPhone RPG themes is vampires, likely following the recent upsurge in media imagery around the mythology. Here are a few of the best vampire theme iPhone RPGs that have been unleashed to the iTunes’ App Store.

iVampires Onilne

iVampires OnlineiVampires Online, from The Godfather, takes the engine developed for iMob Online and shifts it over to a clever vampire theme. In this all the elements essentially remain the same with the completion of quests and the battle among players. The property system has been included, but instead of earning money you earn blood. This acts as the currency system in iVampires Online, so it matches up perfectly with iMob Online, Race or Die, and Girl Wars Online. The iVampires Online Friend Code system is similar to the Friend Code system of all games shared by The Godfather, and you use the iVampires Online Friend Codes to add other iVampires Online players to your clan. Wtih the iVampires Online Friend Code system the game becomes somewhat communal as you fight to achieve the largest system of friends so you can win fights and complete upper level quests. What many players have come to do with their iVampires Online Friend Codes is use web forums specifically designed for iVampires Online Friend Codes to spread them around to as large a community as possible.

Vampires Live

Vampires LiveVampires Live comes from Storm8 and, like iVampires Online, shares a similar design with the rest of the games from that developer like Racing Live and Rockstars Live. Vampires Live has a much more indepth series of options in comparison to games like iVampires Online, but its interface is not nearly as clean and there are some more significant load times. These are not so dramatic that they minimize the fun of Vampires Live as you really can get deep into how you want your character to develop. Instead of actually using a property system Vampires Live ports the exact same function of a property system to a “slave” system. This means that instead of securing property that gives you money you trap slaves that give you blood, which is used as a currency in Vampires Live just as in iVampires Online. Vampires Live Clan Codes work in a similar way to iVampires Online Friend Codes. You will send out Vampires Live Clan Codes as a way to increase your clan. It may be even more crucial to share your Vampires Live Clan Codes than your iVampires Online Friend Codes as you are going to need to add to your Vampires Live clan just to see real progress and there is not as efficient a location add function as there is in iVampires Online.

Vampires: Bloodlust

Vampires: Bloodlust is Zynga’s answer Vampires Bloodlustto vampire demand and is modeled in a lot of ways after Mafia Wars. In Vampires: Bloodlust you are going to find one of the nicest designs out there. You will find that Vampires: Bloodlust is relatively familiar to Vampires Live and iVampires Online on a fundamental level, but really the aesthetics are what sets these iPhone RPGs apart. The Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points system is actually fairly superior when compared to the Vampires Live Loyalty Points. The Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points are promotional points given by Zynga to get free items and progress in Vampires: Bloodlust. You will often start out with a certain number of Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points, but there are often offers of free Reward Points given. Though Vampires Live has a nice set of options for their Vampires Live Loyalty Points, they do not offer as many free Loyalty Points as there are Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points.

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