The Best Medieval Themed Text Based iPhone MMO RPGs at the iPhone App Store

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Among the popular text based iPhone MMO RPGs that have spread among iPhone users there are a few genres that seem to dominate. Vampire, Mafia, and Racing themes have always been popular, but a few other specific themes have also begun to emerge. Medieval themed text based iPhone MMO RPGs are challenging the popularity of other RPG sub-genres and have started taking top spots among the free iPhone game downloads. Here is a look at the best medieval themed text based iPhone MMO RPGs that are being downloaded consistently at the iPhone App Store.

Kingdoms Live

Though Kingdoms Live did not seem to stand out at first, largely because of its early Storm8 design, it has evolved to have


successful gameplay and to have an incredible following. The Storm8 design is at the heart of Kingdoms Live and at this point it means very significant Kingdoms Live updates on a constant basis and a very detailed oriented gameplay function that forces evolution in your character with almost every activity. One of the reasons that Kingdoms Live has maintained its popularity is because of its Kingdoms Live Army Codes system. The Kingdoms Live Army Codes are used so that you can add other Kingdoms Live players to your army, which you must do to really remain competitive and move forward. You then communicate your Kingdoms Live Army Code to other players so that they can add you, even going to far as to spread your Kingdoms Live Army Code online and through social networking. Another reason that Kingdoms Live continues to be successful is through its Kingdoms Live Legend Points system, which is similar to cheat points found in almost all of these type of text based iPhone MMO RPGs. What defines the Kingdoms Live Legend Points system is that it provides a whole host of options for using your Kingdoms Live Legend Points, including things like money and the more fundamental aspects of your character’s progress. You cannot expect a whole host of free Kingdoms Live Legend Points, but if you do have a host of Kingdoms Live Legend Points you will have a large number of places to put them.

iDragons Online


iDragons Online, also called iKnights Online, is one of the lesser known RPGs from The Godfather, which brought us popular games like iMob Online, Girl Wars Online, and Original Gangstaz. iDragons Online is more simple than games like Legions of War or Kingdoms Live, especially when it applies to its iDragons Online Friend Code system or iDragon Online Magic Points. The iDragon Online Magic Points, which work in a similar fashion to the Kingdoms Live Legend Points, are much simpler and only offer three real options. This de-emphasises the iDragons Online Magic Points, though you will often get free iDragons Online Magic Points through different The Godfather offers. Instead iDragons Online is more focused on the base functions of gameplay, and since there are also less players in iDragons Online than in Kingdoms Live you will have to dive into their iDragons Online Friend Codes even more. The iDragons Online Friend Code system follows that of iMob Online and is efficient, and even beyond the iDragons Online Friend Codes the location function will help you add to your army.

Legions of War


Legions of War is PlayMesh’s design for the medieval themed text based iPhone MMO RPG and shows the difference between the PlayMesh design and that of competing companies like Zynga, The Godfather, Storm8, and others. The design is nice in Legions of War, including both a portrait and landscape map view. Gameplay involves very specific development where you can add levels to almost every area of gameplay from your basic character to specific missions. The real difference between Legions of War and others is that it does not have a Friend Code system like iDragons Online Friend Codes or Kingdoms Live Friend Codes. Legions of War does maintain a Legions of War PlayMesh Points system, which is similar to the iDragons Online Magic Points system and the Kingdoms Live Legend Points system. The Legions of War PlayMesh Points are used for a number of different options, and there are a lot of ways to get free Legions of War PlayMesh Points by completing other PlayMesh offers.

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