Nancy Drew and the Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough: Oh Frass My Frass

What’s the Frass-matter? (Get it?)

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Back at camp, you’ll be working on analyzing the frass content of each trap as well as the number of seeds, frass and insect parts. Leave only the frass on the pan, the clipboard will indicate which ones are the frass versus the seeds and insect parts. Weigh the frass content and take note of the detritus predominance. Everytime you do so,make sure you input the data on your clip board. The correct output for each jar will be shown in the images preceding this section, as well as the supposed data on your clipboard. Once you’ve gotten everything down, feed the clipboard in the machine. Your resulting number should be 119,456. Relay this info back to Quigley.

Quigley will be ecstatic about the result and ask you to get a comparison sample of the plants at the Hilihili Center and figure out what the frass have been eating. Get to the Center and talk to Craven before heading for the lockers below. Beyond that will be a door to a Greenhouse. You can’t get in without a suit though so go back to Craven.


The Wonders of Modern Medicine

Back at his office, Craven will be feeling the effects of his medicine. So get to his desk and look at the meds he’s taking as well picking up his PDA. However, before you do anything else, you’ll need to mute the PDA or else he’ll wake up and catch you. Locate the sacked employee named Fiderman and find out which locker he’s using, the combination to it and his employee number. Once you got that all down, go back to the lockers. But before you do, make sure you take a peek at Craven’s coat. Sticking out of it is the missing paper from Quigley’s clipboard.

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Down at the lockers, look for number 13 and enter the combinations, R4 L2 L7 R9, the arrows on the dial will change either clockwise or counterclockwise. Every time you enter a combination, press the green button to notch it in. When its open, grab the suit and head to the Greenhouse.

Intruder Alert! Pineapple Disasters and What Not

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Inside the Greenhouse, make a beeline for the computer room at the end of the hall. Access the shipping records to find that Craven has been shipping some plants to Richard Aiken, the Hardy Boys’ employer. To know which plant that is, look for the extract code corresponding the plant Fer C21 (which will be HH3333). As soon as you log on, a security alert will sound off. If you get caught by the workers, you’re dead – so better make sure you duck for cover right away.

How do you do this? Once you get outside, immediate go to the plant right outside the computer room door. This is the HH3333 plant, the one you’re looking for. Grab a sample and from there, try and get to the exit without attracting any attention. So turn around, and go towards the right wing and keep going forward. Waverly, the guard who’s been constantly buzzing you in will be patrolling the area. Follow him around and turn left to the middle aisle. Use the green fog to your advantage as you won’t be seen if you do. If you keep going forward you’ll see the guy spraying the fog doing his round. Wait for him to turn right before heading forward. Now turn right, you should be at the left wall by now and the spray guy should be visible as well. When he heads back to the center, go straight to the front wall. Waverly will be there, follow him until you spot the exit to your left. Unless you plan on getting caught, I suggest you make a run for that exit and head back to camp.

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