Nancy Drew and the Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough: Dealing with Ancient Statues

A Growing Population

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Since you already have the sample needed, all that’s left is the comparison. Place any frass bag on the desk with the pineapple sample and place each of them on the test tubes that still work. Now add a drop of Bq19 per sample and watch for a reaction. Unfortunately, the colors don’t match. Whatever the Hilihili Center is doing, has nothing to do with Quigley’s findings. Dr. Kim will be let down but not disappointed, she’ll give you the task of checking out the samples she collected on her bag. Further analysis back at camp will reveal they match. Good job, Dr Kim will be pleased. As a reward, she’ll ask you to take the ring she found in Kapu Cave and make use of it.

Passing Vital Information

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When you head to Kapu cave, you should see this idol sketching baring his teeth. If you insert the ring up the nose, a puzzle will appear. Whatever you do though, you can’t solve it. So call up Frank and ask for some backup.

Frank needs to talk to Pua before anything first. She’s proposition you for some snorkeling equipment – a steal at 30 Big Island Bucks. You’ll need that so start saving up for it. Also, talk to Nancy about Aiken and his connection with Craven. Hmm…curious. Remember that pawn slip you picked up earlier? Call the broker and locate this Johnny Kuto. Leave him a message and when he calls back, you’ll find that its actually Big Mike. Talk to Pua about her dad and learn about the chamber and the tunnel entrance. It seems that there’s a chart hidden in the trunk of the patio that shows how to get there, and the password is Mike’s favorite flavor of shaved ice.

So talk to him, and get him to tell you what the flavor is. Obviously, he won’t give it up unless you actually give him the shaved ice, so go and make some. There are a variety of flavors there and you only need three. So grab a scoop and pour in these liquids: Mango, coconut and lime. These three concoctions make the famous Honi’awa or Sour Kiss.Once you get the nod from Big Mike, go open the chest and grabs the charts. Once you have it, call Nancy up and tell her what you know.

Exploring a Hidden Path

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Back at the Kapu Cave and armed with Frank’s information – you’re finally ready to tackle the teeth puzzle. You have to turn the teeth to reveal the figures Frank mentioned and arrange in exactly this order from left to right, top to bottom: Shark – Eel – Turtle – Octopus – Porcupine Fish – Crab – Urchin – Manta Ray

The teeth will give way to a secret path. Tell Frank about this and get going. You’ll have to keep walking. You’ll know you’ve gone the right way when you see lava below and a bunch of statues. Press the statue with the tongue hanging out to get to a ledge. From here on out you’ll have to pay attention to the patterns of nature. In detail, it will be dripping water, whistling wind, sizzling fire and crumbling rock. There will be stairs to your left. Climb up there and take a look at the turtle with etchings on its back placed on the shelf. Press the symbols in order of the natural occurrences that you passed by to get here: water, wind, fire and earth. Done correctly, Nancy will be falling down a new chamber where thankfully no poison darts are ready to greet you.

A Story Puzzle

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The next puzzle is a story sequence of literally life and death (because if you make a mistake the boulder will flatten Nancy like a pancake). You have to arrange the story the right way by using the dices to tell the sequence of the story. It should tell you about a turtle arriving in an island and laying 4 eggs before it goes away. The volcano will erupt and afterwards 2 turtles will be hatched. So in order the dice should follow the numbers 3-1-6-5-4-2

Once done, immediately step to your right to avoid the boulder as it rolls down.

Another Way

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Back with Frank. You should have enough Big Island Bucks to buy that gear now. Earn money either by making necklaces or fishing. I find fishing is faster, especially if you cast your line towards the area with the dark murky waters. Now, armed with your snorkel go to the part of the beach with the dark area on the sand. Dive in the water and get to a split. Turn to your left, there’s a stand there with the eel.

Follow the current, and the same pattern that Nancy followed with the teeth puzzle: eel – shark – turtle – octopus – porcupine fish – crab – urchin then manta ray. As you get to the cave, you will see the same boulder that Nancy avoided earlier on. It seems that the boulder has destroyed the bridge so now you have to climb it and go around the ledge to the left.

Secrets Revealed

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Climb up the story puzzle and up to where the boulder fell. Continue on until you see a decorated door. There’s going to be a button there, if you press it you’ll be able to get to another chamber.

Across the chamber is another stairwell and to get there you have to go down. The side stairs are destroyed and the door seems to have been destroyed by the earthquakes. In the room you’ll find crates that are covered with the same beetles that Nancy has been testing. Listen to the cutscene and finish the game by jumping across the tiles and reaching the stairs behind Big Mike and before he reaches Pua. Once you do, the game will end and every mystery will be explained!

Wrap Up

Another mystery is solved and Nancy Drew remains our heroine to this day (OK, let’s thank the Hardy Boys too!). Hopefully, this walkthrough has provided mystery lovers the guide to solving this game with ease and efficiency. Until next time, let’s solve more mysteries together!

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