Nancy Drew and the Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough: The Life of a Bug Freak

Being Joe Hardy

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Go to the hut and talk to Big Mike. Ask him for the shell collection box and then talk to his daughter Pua if you need to trade for anything. If you give Big Mike 6 Uluas, then he will take a break. With that, he’ll give you a Zippy bait and a fish basket to catch fishes with.

You’ll be met with an earthquake and woof, then afterward go talk to Pua. You’ll need to create necklaces in return for fish bait. You need to go fishing to grab those Uluas that Mike wants. Anyway, just click on the bait jar, cast the rod. when the bobbin sinks, click on it immediately to get your fish.

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Give Mike the fishes and then go back to Pua. At this point, Mike will drive away. This gives you time to search his office for clues. Now check out the calendar and read the note about JK and grab the key from there. Then, unlock the door behind the desk using the key you found. Now search the drawers and look for the map. Three Finger Rock will be in the map, with the coordinates, N 10 24’42 W 155 9’1 The moment you give Nancy the coordinates you’ll be clobbered.

Back as Nancy

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Enter the coordinates on the GPS system you can find on the Jeep (N 10 24’42 W 155 9’1) and then head over to Dr. Quigley.To get to Quigley you have to cross the hanging bridge and keep going forward until you reach the dead end. On the way, pay special attention to the different colored flags on the side of the path.

Once you reach Dr Quigley, she’ll immediately ask you about the clipboard. Good thing you explored her camp huh? You have to go back and grab the clipboard by the side of the tent if you still don’t have it. Now, go back to Three Fingers Rock and give the clipboard to Quigley. She’ll ask you to collect the frass jars and baggies all around the place.

Collecting Frass Samples

There’s also the matter of identifying various plants around the area. For that you need to call Frank. Once you do, the scene will switch to the Resort and Frank should check out the pawn shop invoice on the floor. Then proceed to the Big Mike’s Immersion Excursion machine to access the information about the flowers. Once you get it, call Nancy back and switch places again.

There are 4 frass traps at Three Fingered Rock, every colored flag indicates a spot where you might find it. Note the vegetation around each area and using the info you got from Frank, enter the corresponding data on your clipboard. After you collect sample from Three Finger Rock, go the jeep and access these coordinates on your GPS – N 19,20’30" W 1550, 05’33" you’ll find these on the clipboard provided by Dr. Kim. With the coordinates set, head to Kapu Cave and collect the two remaining frass jars before exploring the cave beyond.


Helping Craven Out

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Once you have every frass content you need head to camp and note that the lens in your microscope is broken. Dr. Craven will provide you with a new one provided you grow the plants in his hub. He’ll give you the key to the machine so all you have to do is go down and insert the key on the slot, revealing 5 seedlings and 7 vats of fertilizer. You’ll need to figure out the right sequence for the fertilizers in order to fully cultivate the plants. The correct pattern should be Orange Aqua Aqua Green. Once done, get back to Craven, retrieve your lens and get back to camp.

Oh yes, before you go, you’ll hear Craven fire a worker named Fiderman. Take a good note of that.

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