Nancy Drew and the Creature of Kapu Cave: Looking for Quigley

At Camp Quigley

Camp Quigley

Once you get to Camp Quigley, via the Jeep’s GPS, the Hardy Boys will call you up and tell you that the road has been blocked. On top of that, it seems your jeep is stuck in a ditch.

So it’s time to look around camp. It’s in terrible disarray and you’ll need to look for items left behind. Take note of the winch by the Jeep – that will help you get the jeep out of the ditch later. Before heading into the tent, grab the tape recorder by the bushes and listen to the last recording.

Blee – Blah – Blih – Bluh – Bluh – Blah – Blah – Blue

This will be a sequence you need to take note of to open the chest in the tent. I’ve included the sounds that each button will make in this article to make it easier for you. Once you’ve opened it, grab the journal and read the contents (and take note of the phone number there), the hook which you’ll need to move the jeep and the Hilihili Centery Security Pass you’ll use later on.



Stuck in a Ditch

Speaking of the tent, head inside to find that Dr. Quigley is nowhere is sight. Rummage around the broken tent and take note of the desk with the broken test tubes and some kind of machine in it, the chest by the entrance, her journal and the radio – with the yellow post it letting you know what frequency to set it to.

Note also, the weird panels with missing numbers attached to them. These are the solar panels that power the radio. You’ll need to look for photovoltaic cells to fix them.

For now, let’s focus our attention on fixing the Jeep. If you’ve grabbed the hook from the chest in the tent, simple go to where the winch is (fully lower the crane by pressing the yellow button) and attach the hook there. Now take note of the hook area for the Jeep at the bumper just above the plates, this is where you’ll hook your winch. Once done, press the red button and get in your Jeep and head towards the Hilihili Center.


The Hilihili Center


At the Hilihili Center, use the security card that you got from Dr. Quigley’s trunk to get in. Once there, talk to Dr. Craven about what’s happened and he’ll trade you some photovoltaic cells if you harvest seeds for him. He’ll provide you with the container to harvest them. Once you get there, go back down and get to the plants hanging by the trellis.

ScreenHunter 11 Sep. 29 16.52

There’s a note there. Read it over and notice that viable seeds have a rich brown color and a distinctive white splotch. You have to collect 12 viable seeds and give it back to Craven. He’ll provide you the cells in return.

Don’t forget to talk to him about his allergies. Storing in the information about the antihistamine making him sleepy will be useful in the future.

Back at Camp

Having gotten the cells from Craven, you should be getting back to camp now.


You need to fix the solar panel cells here. Using what Craven gave you, take a gander at the cells numbered 1-9 on the right. Think of it like a sudoku game, miniaturized. Each quadrant should have the numbers 1-9. You’ll see the correct sequence in the image below. Once you’ve placed the right cells, attach the winch to the panel and raise it up.

Now go back to the tent and try the radio again. Remember the yellow note before? Turn on the radio and use the knob to enter the numbers. The frequency has to be 18.305. Now, once its placed go talk to Quigley.

She’ll tell you where she is but unfortunately you won’t be able to understand it. To find out where she is, go call the Hardy Boys and ask him to find out where Green Trigger Rock is.

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