Nancy Drew and the Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough

About the Game


Nancy Drew Mystery Games is a product of Her Interactive that strives to bring to life and endear the newer generation to the exploits of teen sleuth, Nancy Drew. Popularized by the great teen writer, Carolyn Keene, these series of games lets players assume the role of Nancy Drew as she tries to solve cases that are as baffling and interesting as the novels themselves!

A New Start


It’s time for a brand new adventure. This time, its Nancy Drew is off to Hawaii . Think you can handle the Creature of Kapu Cave this time? Oh come on, I’m sure you can!


Begin every case as every master sleuth always does, by reading the case file on Nancy Drew’s desk. Every Nancy Drew case lets you pick between a Junior or a Senior level. There’s really not much difference here, except for the tiny fact that for the Junior level, you get to have a To-Do List to help you out. As I’ve said, this time your case will bring you to Hawaii where you will spend three glorious weeks with Dr. Quigly Kim, a famous entomologist. She needs help with her insect work and voila, that’s you.

Another cool feature in this game is a tie-in with the Hardy Boys, brothers sleuth that have also been popularized in the books. You’ll be able to switch with them in game. Isn’t that cool?

So when you’re done reading, click on that plane ticket and fly off to Hawaii!

Seashells Seashells by the Seashore

big mike

You’ll begin with a cutscene of some mysterious creature wrecking the good doctor’s camp. Take note of what happens, as some evidence will be thrown in various directions. Now, you’ll be getting off the bus at Big Mike’s Hut – where you’ll need to get the keys to the jeep from him.

When you arrive take note of the newspaper lying on the couch, the Wiki Tiki Game, and the Big Island Mike’s Excursion booth. You’ll need to get the keys to the jeep from him but he won’t give it to you unless you make an authentic Hawaiian necklace.


Meeting the Hardy Boys

hardy boys

Heading to the beach, you’ll be passing by a surf shop – there’s nothing there for now so you just get on ahead. Once you get to the walkway, notice the fishing rod at the end. Don’t mind it for now – before getting down to the main beach you’ll be receiving a call from Ned. Just talk this out and for the first time, meet the Hardy Boys!

The Boys will tell you that they were hired to check out whether Big Mike is squeaky. Swap some stories and then get on with your job. The areas where you can find shells on the beach are the dark sandy area, the rock under the coconut tree, the rock beside the starfish, under the stairs and the driftwood by the water’s edge

Once you’re done head back to the gazebo and start making your necklace. Follow the pattern. A correct necklace will earn a remark from Nancy so when you get that, go to Big Mike and get the keys from him. Before you go, don’t forget to call Ned and apologize for hanging up on him!

How to Make a Seashell

Having gotten the shell box from Mike, go back out and head for the beach. On your way there, take note of the Shave Ice machine and the little gazebo that will display various types of Hawaiian necklaces. For this particular quest, you’ll need to make an "Aloha" necklace. I’ve included a photo image of all the different types of necklaces you can find in the notebook on the desk. So all you really need to do now is look for the shells on the beach.

Opposite the Necklace gazebo is a stand for various baits and such. We’ll come back to that later. So now you have to go look for shells. Head to the beach and scour the whole area. Look for shades, nooks and crannies to get the shells that you need. In you think you’ve run out, leave the beach and then come back again – the shells wil be restocked for you.


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