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Three Fun & Free Mickey Mouse Games

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 6/6/2013 • Leave a comment

Is your child a fan of Disney? Who isn't? Have them play one of these three free Mickey Mouse games ideal for young children.

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    Mickey Mouse, one of the most lovable cartoon characters ever created, needs no introduction. The anthropomorphic mouse first appeared in comic strips and animated cartoons, but soon became one of the world’s most familiar symbols. The popularity of Michell Mouse (yes, that’s his real name!) has given rise to several interactive and fun games for kids. Three of the best articles are reviewed here, including the famous Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney’s Toon Town.

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    Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cooking Session

    Online Mickey Mouse Games - Mickey Mouse Cooking Session Cooking Session will test your memory and quick reflexes. Help Mickey’s friend Goofy prepare sumptuous meals at the right time. Different Disney characters will be your clients and you will have to prepare the meals as per their preferences.

    There will be 6 different trays and an oven – all flashing in a sequence. You will have to click on trays and the oven in the same order agreeing with the sequence. Each time you click the right tray and oven, you will see Goofy performing the necessary actions.

    A correct order of the sequence will help Goofy serve meals to the client; else the sequence will play once again. Remember, there’s a time limit allotted to each preparation. Cooking all meals within the time limit will allow you advance to the next level.

    Play Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cooking Session

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    Disney’s Mickey Mouse Parking Packers

    Mickey Mouse Parking Packers Parking Packers is played from a top-down perspective and can be quite fun and challenging. You will have to help Max, the parking valet, park the guests’ cars and keep the car keys at a safe place over his booth. Drag Max over the car to access it. Once Max enters the car, press the left mouse button and drag the car to the parking area that matches the color and size of the car.

    Once you have parked the car in the right area, rush to your booth to place the car key on the correct slot. Only then you can access another car. At first, the game may seem quite easy, but the real challenge starts when the client leaves. Then you go get your client’s car key and then exit the car out of the parking area. Remember, all this has to be completed within the given time limit. Sometimes, you will have to perform both tasks at the same time, which can really challenge your reflexes.

    Play Disney’s Mickey Mouse Parking Packers

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    Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Clubhouse has a variety of interactive games for kids and teens, including match-3 type fun games, memory games, jigsaw puzzles and music games. Join Mickey and his gang on a Choo Choo train ride, or help Donald Duck in fishing. Besides games, Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has loads of interactive activities like Print and Color, Treasure Hunt and Watch a Clip. If you want some of the best online Mickey Mouse games, then visit Disney’s Clubhouse website to have the best interactive experience.

    Play Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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