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Skate Park

Head on out to the Skate Park and try out these sporting games on Buildabearville

Honey Zone Skateboarding

Feeling the need to release the skater boy (or girl) in you? Try out the Honey Zone Skateboarding game. With two different game play settings, Free Play and Challenge mode you’ll never seem to run out of tricks to do. The Challenge mode gives you a set of pre-specified moves and tricks that you must be able to do to while the timer winds down to be able to move on to the next round. Each trick gets harder as you progress onwards and will need for you to press a variety of keys on your keyboard. Time your movement properly, make sure you’re at the peak of your jump and the green bar shouts you’re good to go. Use the directional buttons on your keyboard to move your character around and the space bar to jump off the half pipe.

Tip: Try practicing on the Freestyle section if you’re stumped and can’t get a particular skateboarding trick done.

Fast Paw

This game will test your balancing and bouncing skills as you try to keep the soccer ball up in the air scoring as many bounces as possible. You have a glove, to use to keep the ball bouncing in the air controlled by your mouse. This may seem like an easy game to play but if you can’t moderate the speed of the way your ball bounces, you might end up having to chase it all over your screen. A trick is to keep the glove as high up and as farthest to the corner as you can to minimize bouncing motions. And a word to the wise? The glove gets smaller and the ball bounces faster as the game progresses so watch out!

Skate Park ..

Kick It Quick

Who doesn’t love the hackeysack? This online version proves to be just as fun too. Use your directional keys and space bar to control the way your character kicks the ball, whether its a middle kick, head interception or a backward kick. Keep the hackeysack as high as you can over a period of 10 attempts remembering that the longer your combos, the higher your coolness meter.

Furbulous Flyer Golf

A sports game that’s a combination of frisbee and golf. Go around Buildabearville and tee off around town. Moderate your aim and power as you try to hit the target as closely as you can. The closer you get to where the target is, the higher your score.

Paw Park

Gone Fishing

Try out your fishing skills in this game. First purchase a fishing pole at the Bear Stuff store before trying your luck. Cast your line and watch the bobber carefully. Once it dips and moves away, quickly click on the bobber to see what you snagged in your lure. It may not always be a fish! Decide if you want to keep what you caught or sell it for some bearbills and remember that some items will always be worth more than others!

Dive Beary Deep

Splash into an underwater adventure! Use the arrow keys to guide your character on a deep sea dive to collect the green bear heads and take on as many other exciting challenges as you can. Watch out for the red bear heads as they slow you down, sea creatures that will hurt you to get to the treasure chest!

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