Minigames located at the Neighborhood and TownSquare section of Buildabearville

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Hide and Seek (5 out of 5)

This is probably the most played, and most popular mini games among all the Buildabearville games, located at the Neighborhood area of the map, just before you enter the cub-condos.

Why? Because it lets more than just two players participate. The game of Hide and Seek is literally what it is. You have the whole map to find the best hiding spot, tag other players and try not to be tag in the process. Once you’re tagged, you’re out of the game! There are four simultaneous dens to choose from so there’s never a fear of being left out in a game.

Its a great game to foster social interaction and will make each player feel like they’re really part of a community.

Tips and Hints: The Friendship Forest is a great place to hide and tag other players. But be careful, too much hiding makes you miss out on all the actions!

Furtastic Fountain (3 out of 5)

This is one mini-game you only get to play once a day. That’s because every time you play it you get a chance to win prizes!

There are three coins you can toss at the fountain, try and toss at the moving objects and get your prize. (Although some people say its still random!) Use the directional buttons to aim and determine the amount of power you will use.

At the end of the three rounds you get yourself a cool gift, be it bearbills or some trinket you can use to decorate your cub-condo!

Run Fur the Stuffing (4 out of 5)

This game offers a pretty good pay-out in terms of bearbills.

Found inside the Build-a-bear Workshop in Townsquare, maneuver your bear to run across the room to catch the falling objects.

Quick fingers and good timing are essential to getting to the higher levels.

Once your box fills up, dump it in the bigger box to continue on.

Hint: Glue - makes you move really slow

        Skates - makes you move faster

        Heart - adds more space in your box

        Broken Heart - loses all the items in your box

Bear Hugs (2 out of 5)

Click on the bears as they bounce along the clouds. Regular bears give a hug each, royal bears give 3 special hugs and the jester bears takes away 3 hugs from you.

So click as many bears as you can and stay away from the jesters.

Insight: You have to make sure that the bears hug themselves to know that it warrants a point. Sometimes, the clouds get in the way and no points are awarded. A quick hand and clicking finger is needed to make sure you get to the higher levels.

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