Buildabearville – A Safe Online MMORPG for Kids

Introduction (5 out of 5)

Created during the latter months of 2007, Buildabearville is an online community for kids ages 7 and above. A Flash based community, players are given the freedom to design their avatars the way they want to be and purchase clothes and accessories for themselves, their furry friends and their condos.

There are two ways a player can get into the game (with or without purchasing a bear from the Build-a-Bear Stores) and I strongly suggest the latter because then you’ll be privy to all areas of BABV and be able to participate in all the activities and games that are available to the players.

Once you’re installed in the world of BABV, you can choose to collect Bearbills via the games and the quests or for an added oomph, purchase accessories from the Build a Bear stores where for every purchase you have, you’re given bear credits for you to use to grab those special items in game.

Graphics and Sounds (5 out of 5)

While playing, you’re subject to a variety of songs created by Build-a-Bear themselves that center on holistic growth, fosters camaraderie and all the things that kids are supposed to listening to. It has over ten songs in its playlist so you can go on playing for hours and never get bored with the sounds.

The graphics are something to be admired in this game. Again, as a Flash based game, you don’t really expect this kind of calibre graphics (especially from a free site!)

The colors are bright and cheery with interactive graphics like snow, leaves swaying and the like. Playing the mini-games also let you see these features as you’re able to see various locations and actions.

And this coming from a Flash game that takes up less bandwidth than games you’d usually download or buy.

This is also seen in the items being sold in the stores around Bearville. Each individual item sold is imbibed with enough graphics in such a way that you are able to see every detail of every item you want to buy.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

With various mini-games that are suited for solo, dual or group playing you’ll never be bored with this site. Every mini-game you play has a lesson for the young ones to learn without them realizing it. Ranging fro skateboarding, to math and even memory games – you know your kids are safe and are having a fun time. (And so will you!)

Safety and Security

What makes this site suitable for little kids is the amount of security that the developers have taken into consideration.

A. Communication

Chatting in Buildabearville is done via the safe chat mode. The sentences are already formulated and all players have to do is select from a list. A wide variety of phrases are available that enables a solid and friendly social interaction. Safe chat is enabled in order to prevent unfrendlies from doing trade scams, giving out cheats and codes as well as preventing predators from bullying or what not.

B. Game Masters

Game Masters (or Cybear Guides as they call them) are around 24/7 to make sure that everyone is enjoying their time and is being treated fairly by everyone else.

C. Report a Player

If all else fails, you can block or even report a player that you feel is being rude or offensive to other players.

With all this in mind, you can be sure that your kids are safe and having the best of time (and learning from it too!)

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