Buildabearville Mini Games Part 3

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Bear University

Go to the Bear University and you will find two building the Libeary and _______ where each location has a mini-game in story for you.

Our first stop, is the Libeary where every Buildabearville Citizen loves to go! Inside you will find, the entrance to the quests, a computer you can access and of course, a mini-game. The mini-game in the Libeary is the Bears and Pairs, a classic card game that focuses on a player’s memory by having pairs of cards shuffled and laid out face down. Each turn lets you open a pair and trying to remember (or guess) where the corresponding pair of your first picture card can be.

This time, there are three ways as to how you can play the Bears and Pairs game. The single player version, where you practice and hone your skills at this memory game, the VS CPU version if you’re up for a little challenge and the multiplayer version where you can face off with another human player in game.

Head on out to the other build in the Bear University where you can enter the Classroom. Aside from being able to take the Jr. Cybear Guide Test you can also find the mini-game, Fast and Furbulous Shapes.

Fast and Furbulous Shapes is a single player mini-games that takes math to a whole new level of fun! Drag and drag the multitude of shapes running through your screen and find the right shape to form the right equation by adding or subtracting. A sure fire way to get addicted is first starting from the easy level, working your way up to normal settings all the way up to hard!

Pawforming Arts Center

Maybe your the musical types and shapes and numbers don’t tickle your fancy as much as spinning records and arranging beats can. Well don’t worry! Head on out to the Pawforming Arts Center and try out the mini-game DJ Furbulous!

Choose from a variety of Buildabear songs and tweak them all to your hearts content. Nothing is untouchable! Change the way the vocals are supposed to sound like to you, determine the way the organ is supposed to sound, crank up that bass and rock out your drums all with just the click of a slider.

So what are you waiting for? Fulfill your dreams of becoming a club DJ now and become Buildabearville’s best DJ ever!

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