Buildabearville Minigames, A Guide to the Sportsplex


A lot of people love sports and a lot of online players love to play online sports as well. At Build-a-bearville, there is an area in your map called the Sportsplex that’s dedicated to the athlete in each one of us, play against your friend or practice by yourself.

Either way, its guaranteed to be chalk full of fun and enjoyment so check out the games available for you to play!

Bear-Bear Racing (4 out of 5)

Bear-Bear Racing is Buildabearville’s answer to the players who love cars and like to play racing games. The area is set around a race track where you (as expected) race to reach the finish line first. Use the directional buttons on your keyboard to maneuver your way around the curves.

You can play this game, traditionally against another BABV player, but if you’re up for some practice time, there is an option to train and play alone.

Word of caution: Using the keyboard could be tricky if you’re not used to playing racing games on your PC. So make sure to train yourself first to get you so bearbills!

Bear-Bear Baseball (5 out of 5)

Easily on of the most popular games on BABV. Banking on baseball as one of the sporting favorites, Bear-Bear Baseball lets you play with a friend as you both try to hit as many homeruns as you can.

Control your swing power against the direction and wind speed given to you to be able to attain that long awaited home run.

A useful tip: Make sure that the direction is pretty set to the front, left or right with a high wind speed. Then determine the amount of power needed to make a home run. Always remember, the limit bar to your power is there for a reason. Hit it every time to get the optimum power for your swing.

Bear-Bear Soccer (4 out of 5)

This dual player game pits you literally against your friend. Take turns being the striker and the goalie in this soccer game.

As the striker, check the direction and the power of your kick to try and get the ball into the net without the goalie catching it.

As the goalie, use your mouse (which serves as amusingly, gloves) and try to catch the spinning ball coming at you.

It’s not one of the most popular games, but easily one of the most enjoyable.

Try it out for yourself!

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