Buildabearville Mini Game Series, Friendship Forest Areas

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Sunshine Shores

Check out what fun games you can play at the beach!

Scavenger Sweep

Help clean up the community and look for 10 trash items scattered around Buildabearville. You’re running on a timer, so the faster you find the items, the more bearbills you earn. Don’t be afraid to use the map to be able to move from one place to another faster!

Hint: There is only one item per area so once you find one, move on to the next map!

Beach Comber

Play against a friend and dig around the sandbox to look for 10 different kind of seashells. Use your mouse to clear away the sand. The one who finds the shells the fastest gets to win! Try and use different search patterns to look for the seashells.

Friendship Forest Park

Forest Entrance

Bear Tug

Who doesn’t love a good game of tug of war? Play against a friend and engage in a friendly game of tug of war. Click on the bear paws above each character on your team to help them pull the rope faster. If you don’t you and your team might end up crashing down on the chilly waters!

Words Fur the Birds

Take on a different spin of hangman and pit your luck against the phrases selected for you. Pick letters you think should be in the puzzle, every right letter leads you closer to solving the puzzle. Wrong choices makes the birds fly away and moving your bear closer to dropping down the icy water of the creek!

Forest Path

Pie Eating Contest

Ever went to county fair’s and seen people take part in Pie Eating Contests and wished you could join in? Well wonder no more! Engage in a pie eating contest and gobble up the sumptuous pies as fast as you can by pressing the letters showing on your screen as fast as you can. Press them simultaneously to make your character eat faster. Be careful not to mess up your letters or you might end up eating more than you can handle!

Frienship Forest Park..

Forest Farm

Canine Care

Teach yourself to be a responsible pet owner by playing a round of Canine Care. Using a multitude of commands under three different areas, make your puppy happy and move on to the next level. Be careful and remember to balance feeding grooming and playing so as to keep his happy meters up. Once he gets sad, you lose the game.

Bobbing Fur Apples

Another County themed mini-game. Bobbing Fur Apples lets you click (eat) as many apples as you can. Reaching a certain number helps you move on to the next level. Golden apples equal five red scrumptious apples but be careful with the rotten ones as they take your points away!

Forest Cave

Bearrific Drummers

Pit your memory skills with this game, Bearrific Drummers. Listen to the beat and follow the different furry drummers play a tune. Keep playing until the game ends or when you mix up your sequence! Kids will love playing this game as they can watch different animals play different tunes that they have to follow. Be musical and memorable!

Forest Meadow

Friendship Forest Photo Safari

Be creative and take on a leisurely stroll along the forest, taking pictures of the magical and woodland creatures of the forest. Rack up as much points as you can and show off your photo-journalistic skills. Be patient, you’ll never know when a unicorn will appear in your sight!

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