The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Guide & Stuff Pack

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Guide & Stuff Pack
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“The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack” is as you would guess, all about the outdoors. Stuff packs are different from expansion packs because they don’t really contain as many items or any actual additions of new life states, such as the Sims 3 vampires, or any new jobs or professions, worlds, etc. The Stuff Packs are instead something similar to a few of the “sets” that you could see offered on The Sims 3 Online Store. Some people don’t want to purchase from their store, so to add in new content, they also release Stuff Packs for everyone to have the option of purchasing.

Although these items are similar to buying sets in the online store, these items are not in the online store, so only through purchasing the Stuff Packs will you be able to add these items into your game.

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff – New Clothes

The Stuff packs usually give a good assortment of new clothing for your Sims (including sexy Sims 3 clothes). This Stuff Pack doesn’t fully disappoint in this area, and has some very nice additions for your Sim’s wardrobe choices.

Adult and Young Adult female Sims receive four full outfits, two bottoms, two tops, one new pair of shoes, but no new accessories, pajamas or swimsuits. With the Stuff Pack being about the outdoors, they should have added a few swimsuits and sunglasses!

Adult and Young Adult male Sims receive three tops, three bottoms, one pair of shoes, but no full outfits, accessories, pajamas or swimsuits either.

What was quite disappointing in the new clothing options is that they leave out Elderly Sims, Teenage Sims, Child Sims and Toddler Sims. This isn’t new though, as throughout all of the expansions and stuff packs only a handful of new clothing options have been added for these age groups. Just because they’ve left these groups out in the past, doesn’t make it right though!

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff – New Hair

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff new items and hairstyles

In addition to the new clothing that is available, there are also a couple new hairstyles that are now available for your Sims. Again, don’t expect too many!

Female Sims of all age groups (except for children and toddlers) received one new the Sims 3 hairstyle that is pulled back in a messy bun and has long bangs in the front.

Male Sims of all age groups (except for children and toddlers) received one new hairstyle that is a shaggy cut with bangs.

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff – New Objects

The new objects that were added with this Stuff Pack are mainly just for outdoor use. There are two types of styles of outdoor living included. “Garden Terrace” items have the wrought-iron look to them, and the “Sunset on the Veranda” looks more rustic and has a more outdoors look to it. However, by changing colors on the items to be similar, they can actually work together quite nicely.

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Backyard Oasis

There is a nice assortment of new objects including: hot tubs, outdoor kitchen appliances and counters, BBQ accessories, outdoor lighting, lounge chair, dining chair, loveseat bench, dining table, easel, telescope, stereo that looks like a rock, garden gnome and more!

The Sims 3 hot tubs that are added with “The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack” are really quite nice. Five new tubs were added including: The Modern Rustic Hot Tub (for $6,500 Simoleons), The Resplendence Hot Tub (for $6,500 Simoleons), The Empress Hot Tub (for $9,500 Simoleons), The Aqueous Garden Hot Tub (for $12,000 Simoleons) and the Water Course Hot Tub (for $12,000 Simoleons). No matter what your Sims 3 décor looks like, one of these tubs (or perhaps one from The Sims 3: Late Night) will fit perfectly for your Sims 3 decorating needs.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3: Outdoor Living Stuff Pack.

Screenshots provided by Sheri Newton.