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The Sims 3: The Bachelor Family

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The Sims 3 family, the Bachelors, are a playable family in Sunset Valley. However, the lives of the Bachelors did not begin with this latest installment of the game. This article traces the roots of The Sims 3 family, the Bachelors, all the way back to the beginning of The Sims series.

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    The Bachelor Family History: The Sims 1

    The Sims Coverart The Bachelor family has strong roots that trace all the way back to the beginning of The Sims series. In The Sims, Michael Bachelor was a single sim found in Neighborhood 1 in the sim bin, which is where playable sims who have not been placed on residential lots are kept. The player must move sims found in the sim bin onto residential lots so the sims may begin their virtual lives. Michael Bachelor appears to have a surname that simply signifies his relationship status as a single male sim, but after The Sims 2 players find his name to be more than simply alluding to his bachelorhood.

    In addition to Michael, Bella Bachelor makes her first appearance in The Sims 1 as a part of the Goth family. More specifically, Bella is the wife of Mortimer Goth and mother to a child, Cassandra Goth. However, the family relation between Michael and Bella is not known in The Sims 1.

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    The Bachelor Family History: The Sims 2

    In The Sims 2, the original Bachelor family members seem to be missing, as neither Michael nor Bella are playable sims. However, The Sims 2 introduced a family tree feature that allows players to trace the lineage of sims and it is here, in the family tree of playable sims, that players find traces of the Bachelor family. The Goth family, a playable family in Pleasantview, shows that the Bachelor family has indeed persisted from The Sims 1. Bella Goth is shown in the family tree of Cassandra and Alexander Goth as their mother. The family tree also shows the parents of Bella to be Simis and Jocasta Bachelor. Additionally, by clicking on the portraits of either Simis or Jocasta Bachelor, players see that Bella was one of two children. The other child of Simis and Jocasta is none other than Michael Bachelor, a playable sim in The Sims 1.

    The Bachelor family's connection does not end with the Goths, however. Another playable family in Pleasantview is the Caliente family, which consists of two sisters, Dina and Nina, living together. In the home of the Caliente sisters sits an urn upon an end table in the living room. This urn is the final resting place of Michael Bachelor. Using the family tree feature, we find that Michael Bachelor is the deceased husband of Dina Caliente.

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    Sunset Valley Sims 3 Family: The Bachelors

    As The Sims 3 is a prequel to the previous two installments of The Sims series, the family makeup is quite a bit different in The Sims 3. The Sims 3 family consists of Simis and Jocasta Bachelor as adults, Michael Bachelor as a teenager and Bella Bachelor as a child. The family tree shows the parents of Simis to be Milton and Enriqueta Bachelor--both deceased sims with tombstones in the Pleasant Rest Graveyard.

    The Sims 3 family, the Bachelors, begins with Simis as a journalist and Jocasta as a Book Store Clerk. Simis is a neurotic, Bella Goth inappropriate, handy and frugal family-oriented sim who wishes to live in the lap of luxury. This means that Simis wants to have a family net worth of more than $100,000. Jocasta, on the other hand, is an over-emotional, coward, loner sim with a green thumb and a love for fishing. While Simis desires a large net worth, Jocasta wants a perfect garden--to have eight perfect plants on the lot at one time. In The Sims 3 family, Michael Bachelor is a teenager who loves the outdoors, is athletic and friendly and knows how to schmooze with the best of them. His lifetime wish is not yet determined, though he does like pop music and hot dogs. The youngest of the family, Bella Bachelor, is lucky, brave and good with a taste for ratatouille and the color red.

    As the lives of the Bachelor family are relatively undetermined in The Sims 3, players are free to take the sims in whichever direction they choose. Will Bella grow up and fall for Mortimer Goth as she has in the previous games in the series, or will she find a different love?

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