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Sunset Valley Family: The Langeraks

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The Sunset Valley Sims 3 family, the Langeraks, have been featured in The Sims 2 as well as The Sims 3. Explore the history of this family and how they tie into other Sunset Valley Sims 3 families in this informative article.

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    Langerak Family History: The Sims 2

    Kaylynn Langerak, Sims 2 The first appearance of the Sunset Valley Sims 3 family, the Langeraks, was in the previous installment of The Sims series. In The Sims 2 the Langerak family consisted of only one family member, Kaylynn Langerak, who is a non-playable character in Pleasantview when the game begins. In The Sims 2, Kaylynn Langerak is one of three maids available to be hired when the game begins and is already working for the Lothario family and the Pleasant family. Further, Kaylynn has intimate connections to both Don Lothario and Daniel Pleasant--the two adult males in the homes she works for. Kaylynn's relationship with Don Lothario appears to be going well, as Don has a very high relationship score with her. However, Don is also known for his womanizing tendencies and is not faithful to Kaylynn, having romantic involvement with the Goth and Caliente families. Daniel Pleasant, on the other hand, is married to another woman and carrying on an affair with Kaylynn.

    Though Kaylynn begins the game in The Sims 2 as a non-playable character, she can join any playable family by being asked to move in with a playable family or by marrying into a playable family. When playable Kaylynn has the family aspiration and has the personality of an Aquarius. She also has maximized the cooking and cleaning skills.

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    Sunset Valley Sims 3 Family::The Langerak Family

    Sims 3 Sunset Valley family: The Langeraks 

    The Sunset Valley Sims 3 family, the Langeraks, has quite a different makeup than that of the previous version in The Sims 2. While in The Sims 2 the only member of the family was Kaylynn, an adult maid, the Sunset Valley Sims 3 version consists of five family members. Parents Dustin and Iliana Langerak live with their children, Parker and Kaylynn, and Iliana's sister, Zelda Mae. Dustin, Iliana and Zelda Mae are all adults, while Parker is a teenager and Kaylynn is a child. The family lives in a four bedroom, three bathroom home at 14 Sierra Tango Street. The home is quite nice and the family has a few thousand dollars cash as well. Though this Sunset Valley Sims 3 family is not the most wealthy family in the neighborhood, the family members are classified as rich. This leaves the question of why Kaylynn Langerak grows up to be a maid as portrayed in The Sims 2, rather than pursuing better options thanks to her family's financial success.

    Dustin Langerak, the father of the Sunset Valley Sims 3 family, the Langeraks, is a friendly, handy, clumsy, family-oriented slob. His greatest life wish is to be surrounded by family, which means he wants to raise five children from babies to teens. When the game begins Dustin is unemployed, though he has skills in athletics, cooking and handiness that may make him a perfect candidate for various career options.

    Iliana Langerak, the mother of theSunset Valley Sims 3 family, the Langeraks, is a neat, perfectionist workaholic who has daredevil tendencies and is an excellent schmoozer. Her lifetime wish is to be a CEO of a Mega-Corporation, which means she wants to reach level 8 of the Business career. At the beginning of the game she is on level 5 of the Business career track, meaning players only need to advance her three levels to reach her lifetime goal.

    Zelda Mae, the sister of Iliana Langerak, is flirty, childish party-animal who has a green-thumb and who is easily impressed. She wants nothing more than to become a rock star, which is the highest level of the music career, rock branch. In the beginning of the game she is on the first level of the music career.

    Parker Langerak is a teen who is a flirty, slob who is also a great kisser and an excellent schmoozer. Kaylynn Langerak, the youngest of the family and the only member of the previous version of the Langerak family in The Sims 2, is a neat perfectionist. Her neat trait and the fact that the rest of her family is missing, and perhaps deceased, in The Sims 2 may help to explain her career choice in The Sims 2.

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