Sims 3 Neighborhoods: Landgraabs in Sunset Valley

Sims 3 Neighborhoods: Landgraabs in Sunset Valley
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The Famous Surname - Sims 3 Neighborhoods: Landgraabs in Sunset Valley

Landgraab Industries is a large family-owned corporation. Landgraab Industries also owns Shiny Things, Inc. which produces various kitchen appliances and the servos that can be bought in the original Sims expansion pack, Living Large. In The Sims 3, the science facility is named “Landgraab Industries Science Facility.” Transcending the lives of the Landgraab family, their name crosses over into SimCity 3000 where many buildings feature the Landgraab name.

The Sims & Admiral Landgraab

In The Sims expansion packs, Hot Date and On Vacation, a famous Landgraab by the name of Admiral Landgraab is mentioned. A portrait of Admiral Landgraab can be purchased in buy mode and features a small biography of the famous Landgraab family member. In this biography Admiral Landgraab is said to have been a naval hero who participated in “gunboat diplomacy” and “treaty breaking” before being killed by island natives. In On Vacation, a national park is described as one of Admiral Landgraab’s first land purchases and sims can buy an Admiral Landgraab nutcracker on the island. His relation to the members of the Landgraab family in The Sims series remains a mystery, but he is again mentioned in The Sims 3.

In The Sims 3 World Adventures, Admiral Landgraab once lived in Champs Les Sims, one of the The Sims 3 neighborhoods that are vacation destinations in the expansion pack. He has a home in Champs Les Sims named after him, featuring various traps and housing his ghostly remains.

The Sims 2

Malcolm Landgraab IV from Sims 2

A Landgraab family member mentioned in The Sims 2 expansion pack, Seasons, is believed to be the founder of the famous Landgraab family. In a chance card in the Adventurer career track that came with Seasons, it is mentioned that school teacher Gregory Landgraab suddenly and mysteriously came into a great deal of wealth. With his newfound wealth Gregory invested in land, presumably launching the Landgraab family into the success it finds in other installments of The Sims series.

In addition to the mention of Gregory Landgraab, the Landgraab family makes an appearance as a playable family in The Sims 2 expansion pack, Open For Business. Malcolm Landgraab IV is the sole member of the household and lives in a mansion in Bluewater Village thanks to his considerable wealth. He also owns two business venues—Club Dante and Electronics Supercenter. His family tree dates back to grandparents, Malcolm Landgraab II and Marion Landgraab on his father’s side and Blair and Virginia Buckingham on his mother’s side.

The Sims 3

Landgraab home in one of The Sims 3 neighborhoods, Sunset Valley.

One of The Sims 3 neighborhoods, Sunset Valley, houses a playable Landgraab family. This family features two adults, Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab, and their child, Malcolm Landgraab. There is no mention of the early Landgraab founders, Gregory or Admiral Landgraab, in the family tree of any of the members of this household. Geoffrey Landgraab is a doctor who is family-oriented, charismatic, loves the outdoors, has a good sense of humor and is a hopeless romantic. Though he is a doctor he wishes for nothing more than to be an illustrious author. Geoffrey’s wife Nancy is actually the one descending from the Landgraab family. When the two married, Geoffrey took his wife’s last name rather than the other way around. Nancy is a Vice President in the Business career and wishes to become a CEO of a Mega Corporation. She is an ambitious and charismatic workaholic who is also a snob and a perfectionist.

Malcolm Landgraab is the child of Geoffrey and Nancy. He is a good, ambitious bookworm who likes classical music, cobbler and the color yellow. Where he fits in with the other Landgraab family members with the first name of Malcolm from other games in The Sims series is unknown. As he is the same age as Mortimer Goth in The Sims 3, he should have been an elder in The Sims 2 as Mortimer Goth was. However, the only Malcolm Landgraab in The Sims 2 was Malcolm Landgraab IV who was an adult and, due to his suffix, appears to be the fourth Malcolm Landgraab in his family line. Because of this disconnect in the time line, it is theorized by some players that the child Malcolm Landgraab found in one of The Sims 3 neighborhoods is a cousin of Malcolm Landgraab IV of The Sims 2.

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