Guide to Using The Sims 3 Cheatcodes

Guide to Using The Sims 3 Cheatcodes
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The Sims 3 Cheatcodes

Playing in The Sims 3 can take a very large amount of time to do some of the things you may want your Sims to do or be. If you aren’t playing too seriously and don’t mind using cheats, you can really advance your Sim games quickly – and still have tons of fun while playing.

This guide will give you some good examples of how to use the cheats, and then a full list of the current The Sims 3 cheatcodes that are available to use while playing your game. Note that some do require the newest update and/or certain expansion packs to work.

How to Use The Sims 3 Cheatcodes to Gain Skill Points, Money, and Much More!

Using cheats for games isn’t new and most gamers aren’t too strict on their playing styles not to use them (at least to some degree). Here are some good examples of using cheat codes in The Sims 3:

Make your Sim’s needs static so they never have to waste your time by sleeping, eating, wanting to have fun, talk to friends, or do other boring things to keep their needs high. This can make you speed through skill points and advance in your job quicker.

If you want your Sim to really get a fast promotion in their profession or career, you can even set their job to be exactly what you want with the other advanced cheat that lets you do so. Who really wants to suck up to their Sim boss at work anyways?

The Sims 3 money cheats also help tremendously so you can buy what you want for your Sim’s house, a new house, or even a new car – without having to work for it. Oh, if real life were only as simple as typing in “motherlode.”

Rock’n’Roll Outfit

If you happen to leave on the story progression mode and don’t want a certain Sim to age up, you can always transition them back to the age you preferred them at. Think of it like a very helpful Sims 3 life fruit!

If you enjoy having your Sim in a certain NPC or career outfit, with the “unlockoutfits on” cheat, you can allow them to wear that outfit whenever you want. This works really well for storytelling games.

The Sims 3 Cheat Console

These Sims 3 cheat codes all require the base game for The Sims 3.

To open up the cheat console, you need to load your game and neighborhood and then push Ctrl + Shift + C buttons (all at the same time).

Once you are in the cheat console, you’ll see an area you can type in. It pauses the game and lets you enter in one cheat code for The Sims 3 at a time.

You can enter in the following cheat codes for The Sims 3 after pushing Ctrl + Shift + C:

· help – this will list all of the available commands

· help [cheatname] – this will show more specific information about a specific cheat code

· kaching – gives your household $1,000

· motherlode – gives your household $50,000

· freerealestate – lets your Sim move into a house for free

The Sims 3 Penthouse Hot Tub

· enableLlamas on/off – this will turn on or turn off the “Llamas” which are the pop-up messages that appear in the top right corner of the game

· jokePlease – this will display a random joke

· fullscreen on/off – this will toggle your game to be either full screen or windowed mode

· fps on/off – this will either turn on or turn off the fps rate that would show on the top right of the screen

· hideHeadlineEffects on/off – this will either show or hide the talk and thought balloons that show above Sim heads. This is especially good for those that like to create stories in their Sim games.

· reset Sim “firstname lastname” – this brings your Sim back home and gives neutral motives with no moodlets

· quit – exits out of the game

· unlockOutfits on/off – if you turn this on before going to Create A Sim, you can use career and NPC outfits!

· moveObjects on/off – allows you to move objects in buy or build mode regardless of limitations. You can also delete items such as mailboxes, be careful though as you can’t get them back!

· Delete object – allows you to delete an object

The Sims 3 Brigit Hemlock Vampire

· constrainFloorElevation true/false – this overrides the terrain adjustments even if a Sim or an object is on it

· disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on/off – if this is turned on, objects will not snap to a slot with holding the ALT button

· placeFriezes on/off – allows you to put a fountain onto tiled floors

Advanced Cheat Codes for The Sims 3

These advanced cheat codes for The Sims 3 can be used for fun things too. You will need to access the cheat console for The Sims 3 again to enter these by pushing Crtl + Shift + C. Enter into the cheat console: testingCheatsEnabled true. As long as you have your game open for this session, these advanced cheat codes for The Sims 3 will work.

The advanced cheats unlock more options that you can enter into the cheat console which include:

  • ageuptonpc – this will make a toddler grow up to become a child NPC

    Sims 3 Birthday Party

  • familyfunds [household] [amount] – this will give the amount of money you want your household to have. Ex. “familyfunds Belle 1000000” this will give the Belle household 1 million Simoleons!

  • playsounds on/off – turns on or off the sounds in game

  • recordvideo small/medium/large low/moderate/high/max – this will start recording video with a specific size and quality that you select

  • speed 0-8 – this will change the gameplay speed to be either 0 (normal) to 8 (slowest)

  • buydebug on/off – this unlocks items that you can buy from the buy mode so you can buy certain items like butterflies, gems, beetles, meteors, mature plants, gnomes, etc.

After you have turned on the testingcheatsenabled true, you are able to do a “Shift Click” on certain items to have cheats in game (while you are playing).

Shift + Click on Mailbox:

  • Make All Happy
  • Make Friends For Me
  • Make Me Know Everyone
  • Make Needs Static – (keeps your needs full)
  • Make Needs Dynamic – (returns needs to normal)
  • Force NPC.. – (makes a certain NPC arrive at your house)
  • Set Career – (sets your current Sim’s career to what you want it to be)

Shift + Click on Work Place:

  • Force Opportunity
  • Force Event
  • Force All Events

The Sims 3 Salon

Shift + Click on Community Lots and Neighbor’s Houses (if you have Ambitions installed):

  • Spawn Job

Shift + Click on Floor:

  • Teleport
  • Build or Buy on this lot

Shift + Click on All Sim:

  • Trigger Age Transition
  • Add to Active Household
  • Favorite Music

Shift + Click on Active Sim:

Sims 3 Toyota Prius

Shift + Click on Any Object:

  • Object… Delete It