Sims 2 Life Stages – How to play The Sims 2 – Choosing Your Life Stage.


When playing The Sims 2 you will quickly see that there are several life stages for each and every character. When you create your character you can choose its starting stage but when you create a family and have a baby you, of course, have no choice in the matter of the baby’s life stage.

Each stage has its own challenges and goals, such as teens have to keep their grades up and go to school in order to keep their after school job. After that they graduate and go on to college. There are many characters that are premade for you to start your game with or you can make your own character however you want. Either way, your goal is to follow the rules by staying active and happy and caring for children in the correct way.

The Life Stages

There are several life stages that a character in The Sims 2 will go through. As you choose your character you can also choose the life stage in which you start out as. The 6 life stages are:

  • baby
  • toddler
  • child
  • teen
  • adult
  • elder

The most advisable Life Stage for beginners will be starting out in the adult stage – simply because you can enjoy the most activities when you are an adult. You can choose to build a relationship thus starting a family. When your character has a baby – you are unable to choose its life stage of course – you must ensure that there is constant interaction with your newborn. You will be caring for it, feeding it, changing it, and most importantly socializing with your baby. All those activities are very important to the baby as well as to your character happiness.

As an adult Sims character you will eventually age and die by a pre-determined amount of days in accordance with how high the character’s aspiration score is when they first become an Elder. As for babies, they only live with how well taken care of they are – so be sure and nurture your babies as much as possible. When the babies are older than a toddler, you can “lose” them to “unnatural causes”. The most popular way to lose a child is by not meeting their needs often enough causing a social worker to come and take a child away.


This concludes the overview of The Sims 2 game Life Stages. Each life stage has it’s unique goals and challenges – those will be covered in the next article.

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