The Sims ultimate guide - Forming Relationships in The Sims 2

The Sims ultimate guide - Forming Relationships in The Sims 2
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There are two different types of relationships that you can get into when playing The Sims 2: friendship and romantic. You can build friendships with Sims that you admire and you can flirt with other Sims characters. After continuous flirting the other Sim will develop a crush on you enabling you to kiss, date, and eventually get married if you choose. When forming friendships you must remember not to flirt if you are already in a relationship because you will get into trouble with your lover.

Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships are the most popular when looking to form a bond with another Sims character. All you have to do is flirt with another character and regardless of the other character being a boy or girl the other Sim will quickly develop a crush on your character. When that happens, you will be allowed to involve your Sim more intimately with other characters. You can start making out and going on dates with the Sim that you have been flirting with which can eventually lead to marriage. If you choose to marry a same sex Sim, your family will be referred to as a Joined Union. If you are the one who initiates the marriage proposal then you will keep your last name but if you are the one asked to be married then you will take the last name of who asked you.

Getting jealous

You will find that Sims characters have chemistry with each other which is based upon what they find to be attractive with your Sim or what you find attractive in the other Sim. Not to mention there is a jealousy factor involved if you are in a relationship and another Sim decides to flirt with you. If that happens then that causes your boyfriend or girlfriend to possibly get angry with you as well as the Sim that flirted with you. You can start fights, insult, and annoy Sims that were caught flirting or worse, doing more, with another Sim character. All of which can lead to breaking up.

Forming Friendships

If you find yourself admiring other Sims activities but do not wish to engage in anything romantic then you can simply be friendly with the other Sim but remember not to flirt or the friend relationship will be switched to a romantic one. So if you are already in a relationship and befriend someone but end up flirting with your new friend then you could be in danger of getting in trouble for cheating. So remain on guard if you are just friends with another Sim but dating another Sim as well.

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