Playing the Sims 2 – The career of your Sims character


When playing Sims 2 your character or your family’s characters will have to get a job in a career field of their choice. When you are passing through your life stages, you can get into athletics, military, law enforcement, medicine, politics, science, and business. Each career field has about eight different jobs within it at different levels of skill. No matter what job you pick, you will earn money to spend as you wish. When playing this game earning money is one of the most important objectives in the game because you will need to spend money to live as well as to have fun.

Types of Careers

There are many careers that you can get your Sims character involved in. Some of those careers that are included in The Sims 2 are business, military, medicine, law enforcement, science, athletics, and even politics. Of course you can get one of the expansion packs such as University, Seasons, or Free Time and it will add more career options for you to choose from. When your character gets into a career and does well at it you will see a career reward opened up. Most of them help you improve a skill that is important to your career. You can even retire if you continue to work until reaching the life stage of an elder. You even get a pension payment daily when you retire, the amount of which is determined by what career you retire from as well as the level in which you did your job.

Education is Important!

Schooling really helps you get a better career so you must make sure your character or your children and teenagers attend school. Of course if you choose to be a parent you can even enroll your kids in private schools after playing a mini-game with inviting the headmaster to dinner and being successful about it. You must remember to keep your kids going to school because if they miss a lot of school their grades will lower. If your kids’ grades get too low they will get taken away by the evil social worker. When it comes to finding jobs as a teen or as an adult you will need to refer to the newspaper or a computer. In order to be successful at a career, or as a teen at an after school job, you must make sure that you go to work in a good mood and have the required amount of friends and skill points. When you do that you will ensure that your character gets a promotion. Each career field contains ten jobs with salaries that increase, a specific uniform and hours and days that must be worked and even a carpool to get back and forth to work.

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