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After playing The Sims 2 “the regular way” - without using any cheats – it is now time to give you the opportunity to make your game play more fun by using some cheat codes. There are codes to add money to your game and even codes to change the screen and all around display of the game. Theses codes are so many that you won’t know what to do first so just have some fun and enter all the codes you want. Each and every code is bound to change the play of your game in many ways and the only way to find out is to enter a few codes and try them out. I have done some research and tried several codes – read below and you might save some time and enjoy the game even more.

The Cheat Window

The best feature in The Sims 2 is the cheat box. You can activate the cheat box by pressing the keyboards buttons ctrl + shift + c. That brings up a box where you can enter multiple cheat codes to make your game play more interesting and fun. There is a way to not have to type anything where you just keep pressing the keyboard button Tab and that will enter random cheat codes. When using the random code method you must know what the codes do to your game play so that you can play the game properly. Some of the simple codes that you can enter are Fullscreen mode which is –f, disabling of the sound which is –nosound, or windowed mode which is –w. You can also activate a full list of codes to enter by typing help –all into the cheat box. You can exit the cheat box simply by typing EXIT.

Useful Cheat Codes

If you want to add 1000 in cash to your game just enter Kaching into the cheat box or Motherlode so that you can get 50,000 in cash. You can turn the aging of your characters on by typing Aging on and turn the aging off by typing Aging off. There is a code you can enter to make you able to move and delete objects that you naturally couldn’t before which is Moveobjects. The social_debug cheat code will allow you to know what the social reaction will be before you do a certain action, which might be useful for your character’s aspiration and career.

Many more codes

There are tons of boring codes that most players tend not to mess with because all they do is just distort the screen. For example, adding a letterbox effect to your view: LetterBox # (# means that you add a number between 0.0 to 0.4 to determine the size of the effect). Or you can make the screen grainy like old film by typing FilmGrain # (# is number between 0.0 to 1.0 which determines the extremity of the film grain effect). You can also remove all of the characters in the neighborhood by typing DeleteAllCharacters – though I really don’t see any advantage of doing so. There are tons of other boring codes and you can find them all over the internet or on the list of cheats that the game provides when you type Help –all.

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