The ultimate guide to Sims – Death of natural and not natural causes in The Sims 2


When playing The Sims 2 you must remember that death is around every corner. There are plenty of ways to die including almost every way that you can think of dying in real life as well as dying of old age. There are, however, plenty of ways to avoid being killed unnaturally by taking the necessary precautions such as staying out of a storm so that you don’t get struck by lightning. Enjoy your life – but watch out – in the world of the Sims.

Natural Causes

A Sims character can die in many ways, just like in real life. Naturally, when your Sims character reaches the end of the Elder life stage it will die of old age. If your Sim character had high aspiration levels throughout its life it will be taken away by the Grim Reaper with two hula girls leaving a gold tombstone in its place. If your Sim had just normal aspiration levels then a normal, boring headstone or urn will be left in its place instead.

Unnatural Death Causes

A Sims character can meet an untimely and early death in numerous ways. Some are getting electrocuted, struck by lightning, impaled by hail, disease, starvation, fire, being eaten by a cowplant, drowning, swarmed by flies, and even being crushed. You must also watch out for murder being a cause of death because there are robbers and if the robbery gets complicated you could suffer the consequences. Not to mention you can murder others for fun if you wish but it does not do well for your character career and well being.

Left behind

When a Sim dies outside a tombstone is left behind, but if the Sim dies inside an urn will be left in its place. Typically, the urn or tombstone will be possessed by the Sims’ ghost and as long as the memorial is on the lot ghosts will continue to haunt the household. Ghosts are not a good thing because they can scare other characters to death including your own.

There is also a matter of life insurance when your character or another character dies. If your character dies and is married then the insurance money automatically goes to the spouse and the children. But if there is a Sim character that is not married and has no family then it will go to the person with whom it had the highest relationship, such as a close friend.

When a Sim character suffers the loss of a loved one they will most likely go into a mode of desperation, falling onto the floor acting crazy and immediately be seen by a therapist.

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