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There are plenty of unknown hints and tips that can make playing of the game The Sims 2 a lot more fun. There are, of course, Sims cheats that have been covered in a previous article. This piece is intended to give you some general tips considering the game. You can do a lot of hidden things like have twins, build a house only once and get copies of it and a lot more. You will find that reading some hints and tips for Sims game play will surely make your gaming experience a lot more fun as well as more interesting.

Keeping a high aspiration score

Meeting the wants and life expectations of your character will ensure that your aspiration score and meters stay very high. One of the easiest goals to set your character to is building a family. When you decide that is what you want you have to flirt with someone of the opposite sex enough times so that they develop a crush on you. From there you can start dating and if everything works out you can get married. The main goal when building a family is to have a lot of kids and, as in real life, it is quite easy to get pregnant in this game. The best way to tell if your lady character is pregnant is after you try for a baby and you hear a cute little lullaby, then you know she is pregnant. Just make sure and raise the children right because otherwise you will have to keep having babies and it will suck up all of your time.

Making twins

Whether you are married or not you can choose to have a baby and all you have to do is choose the option Woo-Hoo which in other words is getting down and dirty. You pretty much always have a single baby but there is a fun way to have twins. The way you can do that is by doing a woo-hoo and once you see the stomach of the pregnant Sim grow you make her woo-hoo again and presto, you have twins.

You can also achieve that as a cheat - open the cheat box by typing ctrl + shift + c and type in Forcetwins.

Avoid jealousy

If you choose to flirt with some other Sim while you are already in a relationship then you will most likely not get away with it. It is almost as if your boyfriend or girlfriend can sense that you are kissing or flirting with someone else because they always catch you. The best way to avoid that is by going far away from your lot where your lover is and commencing your cheating activities. But you still have a chance of getting caught so the best thing to do is to remain faithful and everything will be fine.

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