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There are plenty of unknown hints and tips that can make playing of the game The Sims 2 a lot more fun. There are, of course, Sims cheats that have been covered in my cheats article. But this piece is intended to give you some general tips considering the game’s understanding and other things. You can do a lot of hidden things like have twins in your family, build a house only once and get copies of it and a lot more. You will find that those hints and tips for Sims game play may give your experience another perspective.

Know the Ghost

While playing this game you will also see a lot of ghosts and they are all a different color depending upon how those Sims had died. If they are white they died of old age, blue means death by drowning, yellow means death by electric shock, red means death by fire, transparent means death by starvation, orange means death by a satellite falling on them while star gazing, purple means death by a swarm of flies, pink means death by fright, and green means death by illness.

Copy your house

When you build a house and you want to make a copy of the house that you built you only have to do a few steps. After you have built your dream house just go back to the neighborhood screen and select the house that you want to copy. Select the Package Lot icon and then select the option of Package lot to a file icon. Then you double click your file, don’t worry the game tells you where it went, and then something will come up and ask if you want to install and all you do is click the install button. In a moment or two your file will load - you should simply click the OK button to confirm the install. You can create as many copies as you want simply by doing those same steps over and over until you have as many copies as you wish. All you have to do to see all of your houses is hit the F2 button. You can even copy any type of the buildings in the game by doing the same steps as well.

Cheat codes

Thought this article is not about cheats, I simply can’t avoid mentioning two of them.

When you are in a career and you want to gain access to all of the careers rewards all you have to do is open the cheat box and type in UnlockCareerRewards.

Second, there are plenty of ways to get extra money such as typing different words into the cheat box. But the absolute best cheat to type is “familyfunds (the name of your family)(the amount of money you want)” just like if you were playing with a family named Tribiaty all you have to do is type “familyfunds Trybiaty 500000” – and you have 500000 to spend!

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