The Sims 2 Gaming Tips – Sims 2 Characters, Habitats and Life Stage Challenges


As it was said, there are many several life stages for each and every character in the Sims 2 game. Each stage has its own challenges and goals – and you have to ensure your character meets them. Your target is always to follow those rules – by staying active and happy and caring for children in the correct way. We have mentioned 6 Life Stages in the game:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Adult
  • Elder

Each one has its own way of life – just like in the real world.

Challenges of Life Stage

When you have a character in baby stage it has every challenge in the world because it can do nothing for itself and depends on your for everything, just like a real life baby of course. The challenges really arise when you have a toddler, because just like real life toddlers, they get into everything and still require a lot of attention.

When the character is in the life stage of a child they are still dependant – for instance, they are not able to cook for obvious reasons. Then, when a character is in the stage of a teen they must keep their grades up, get an after school job, remain in a good mood, and eventually aspire to a young adult by going to college. As an adult you can do everything but above all you should care about remaining happy, keeping your aspiration score as high as possible and staying active in order to keep your character alive for as long as possible.

Characters and Habitats

There are three habitats, also known as neighborhoods, in The Sims 2 game. They are called Pleasantview, Strangetown, and Veronaville. If you get your hands on an expansion pack you will find that there are quite a few more premade neighborhoods to live in.

There are plenty of premade characters that have their own background and personalities. You can also create your own character and place them to live wherever you choose, although the most popular place to live is Pleasantview as there you will find the most activities. As said, there is a huge list of characters that are premade – such as Daniel Pleasant and Jennifer Burp.

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