Guide to Sims – How to keep Sims character aspiration meter as high as possible


You should make sure to keep your Sims character in good standing with its aspiration meter and score. If you fail to do that and your character’s meter goes into the red zone you will see your character go through a nervous breakdown and have to see a psychiatrist. Yet if you are at the top of your game and keep your meter and score as high as possible you will have a much more fun gaming experience.

Aspiration Score

The one thing that will help in the success of your Sims character is by keeping its aspiration score as high as possible. The aspiration score is basically something that tells you about your characters self esteem and outlook on life. Keeping your Sim character active and involved socially as well as doing well at school and having friends will keep your aspiration score in check. Of course, a Sims character in the life stage of baby, toddler, or child only aspire to grow up. When they become a teen you must assign one of five life aspirations which are:

  1. Family – marrying & creating a family.
  2. Fortune – building plenty of wealth and respect.
  3. Knowledge – enhancing many skills and continuing life experiences.
  4. Popularity – making friends and being as social as possible.
  5. Romance – many relationships and interactions with characters of the opposite sex.

Fears, Wants and Aspiration meter

Each life aspiration has its own fears and wants. When you have a want and you achieve it you get points added to your aspiration score. Of course, if you aspire to have a family and your spouse dies then that is a fear that has been realized and you immediately lose aspiration points.

There are six levels on your aspiration meter: the highest level is platinum, the next level is gold, and there are two levels of green and two levels of red. If your character has a meter filled up to the platinum level the meter is considered fulfilled and your character will be more willing to do tasks that they normally don’t like to do. Make sure that your character’s aspiration meter does not reach the red levels because they will go through a nervous breakdown and that requires the attention of a psychiatrist which will automatically appear.

It is important to maintain a high aspiration score because it will determine how your character will live once it reaches the life stage of an elder. If your character grows up well with a high aspiration throughout each life stage you will see that when your character dies the gravestone or jar of ashes will be better looking.

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