Wii Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough -- Just another Day in Ordon Village

Wii Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough -- Just another Day in Ordon Village
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The Wii version of Twilight Princess changed Link’s handedness, but this obscure bit of video game trivia does not bother right-handed fans. A player is probably more interested in what he needs to know to get through this Wii game rather than trivia.

Twilight Princess takes a break from the standard Zelda pattern. Link does not find his sword and shield immediately after entering the game. Instead you must first find Epona.

Finding Epona

Epona grazes peacefully on some grass on the outskirts of Ordon. Walk behind Link’s house and follow the path behind his hut to a nearby pool. Speak to Alla, who gives you instructions on how to whistle for your horse. Pick up a tuft of grass and use it to call your horse. (Remember because you will use it to call a hawk later.)

Round Up Some Goats

Fado’s Ranch

Speak to Fado who owns the ranch that you and Epona travel to. The rancher needs you to round-up some for him and return them to their barn. Do this by getting behind the barn and making a whooping nose.The goats will run toward the barn. Repeat the process if the goat stops short of his goal. Round up ten goats. Practice riding Epona before returning to your hut for the night.

The Next Day

You will wake up the next morning and go back into the village. A few Ordon children will tell you about a slingshot for sale in Sera’s shop.

Go over to an old man nearby. He will talk about a beehive in a nearby tree. Pick up another blade of grass. Use it to call another hawk. Use this hawk to knock down the beehive and open it.

Find another blade of grass and summon the hawk again. Aim the hawk at the jumping monkey. Release the hawk and wait to see if the hawk snatches the baby cradle from the misbehaving monkey. Search the village until you find a pregnant woman. Hand her the cradle and she’ll give you a fishing pole as your reward. Follow her back to her house. The woman gives you a fishing pole.

Going Fishing

Link’s Slingshot

Take the fishing pole to the nearby pond. Sara’s cat sits by the pond waiting for a chance to grab a fish. Walk onto the nearby plank and lower your fishing line into the water. The bobber on the fishing line sinks lower in the water when a fish is hooked. Pull back on the line to catch a fish. The cat will steal your fish and run back to Sear’s shop.

Sera gives you a half-bottle of milk as a reward for finding her cat. Purchase the slingshot the children mentioned earlier from Sera. Go back outside the shop. Run through the tall grass until you find the necessary cash. Go back to the shop and buy the slingshot.

Another villager tells you about an item he left in your house. Return to your hut and retrieve it. After you retrieve the sword, talk to the children outside of the house first to learn how to use the slingshot. Go into your hut and retrieve the wooden sword. Go back outside the hut and talk to the children. The children give you instructions on using the sword. They expect you to put on an impressive display of swordsmanship.

When this scene ends, you will see a monkey run off toward Faron forest. Call Epona and chase after the monkey. Ride Epona to the bridge North of the village. Be sure to talk to the children you find along the path.

Faron Woods

Link in Wolf Form

Follow the path through the woods until you come to a fork in the road. Take the left fork and follow it until you find a shopkeeper sporting an afro. Purchase the lantern from the shopkeeper. Return to the fork in the road and take the right hand path. Use your sword and slingshot to clear enemies on the path. Go straight until you find a cavern. Travel through the cavern until you find two torches. Take the key from the small chest in the room with the torches. Use your lantern on the torches and a larger chest appears. Take a piece of heart from the large chest.

Leave the cave and go to the red dot on the south of the mini-map. Use the small key you find in the cave to open the gate that blocks your way. Buy restorative potions from the merchant for 30 rupees. You can leave the shop without paying, but this tactic might cause your health to suffer adversely. Go back to the bridge and head north. The welcoming committee for the bridge consists of two goblin guards and a few monkey cages. Defeat the goblin guards and proceed to the monkey cages. You can talk to the person beside the cages or just smash the cage doors open. Save the monkeys and return to Ordon. Go back to the ranch and round-up 20 more goats. The game displays a cut scene and you will wake up in a cell of a castle dungeon the next morning.

the wolf in the dungeon

A spirit named Midna frees you from the chains, but you remain within the dungeon cell. Make a sword attack motion or a spin attack motion on box by the door. Dig your way out of the cell. Visit the cell next to yours. Look up at the ceiling and use z-targeting to select the switch on the ceiling. Jump up and flip the switch. Enter the sewers through the door that the switch opens.

Take the Eastern route through the sewers. Midna greets you as soon as you enter them. She tells you how to use sense mode to talk to the spirits. Continue heading east until you find another switch in the wall. Activate this switch and it will open a crawlspace. Enter the crawlspace to retrieve the rupees inside. Go back to the west and find the spikes that prevent you from going North. Find the other switch in this room. Flip it and watch the water rise in the spikes. Swim through the water and find the other switch on the far side of the room. Activate this switch to lower the water in the spike pit.

Go west until you find another gate. Examine the left side of the gate and find the hole. (Minda flies through this gate by the way.) Dig through a hole underneath this gate and meet Minda on the other side.

Speak to Midna again. She tells you about a village not far from your current location. Travel along the path here and speak to a nearby spirit. Continue following this trail until you find a movable block. Push the block against the wall and climb up the makeshift step. There have not been many monsters up to this point in the game. Flying birds will attack you to relieve the monotony. Kill the birds with your slingshot when they pose a threat to you and avoid falling between the ledges.

If you reach a place where it looks like Link may not be able to cross, find a jump point and press A quickly. Midna will help you cross. Climb the roof until you reach a blue tower. Enter the tower and descend its staircase.Watch another cut scene and you will be returned to Ordon.

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