Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii -- Part 4 -- Goron Mines -- Entering the Fire Area

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii -- Part 4 -- Goron Mines -- Entering the Fire Area
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Leaving the Goron Village

You have defeated the Goron chief in a sumo wrestling match. You must now find the Goron mines and defeat Fyrus. You should have a heat resistant shield, and it is a good idea to stock up on health potions and other items as needed in the nearby shops. (The heat resistant shield is purchased in Karaiko Village.)

Go southeast of the village until you come to the entrance of the cavern. Enter the mines and cross a lava pit wherer bursts of fire come up from the floor. Journey carefully as you travel across the floor between the bursts. Get to the other side and break the barrier on the wall.

Flip the switch and run across the room where there is another switch on the wall. Step on the switch and move back quickly, unless you prefer to have your pointy ears singed. Remove the boots from your inventory. Move across the grate on the other side of the lava pits. The iron surface gives way to a stone surface. Step on the reddish platform to reveal a small chest.

Take the key from the small chest in this room. Walk up the ramp that leads up to the rotating platform. Wait for the platform to stop and jump across to the other side. You should come to a locked reddish-brown wooden door. Open the door using the key. Continue following this path remembering to time your progress appropriately and use the platforms to jump across the lava. When you find a chain, pull on it as far as it will go to reveal another door. Defeat the lizard in this area by hitting its tail. If you take too long to pull the chain to its full length, the door in the wall closes and you must go back to the chain to open it.

Goron Mines – the Water Portion

Link swings his sword

The next room is filled with water. Put the iron boots back on and sink to the floor. Press the switch nearby and a magnet will pull you to the ceiling. You can use the iron boots to walk across the ceiling.

An older Goron awaits you in the next room. He will give you the first key shard when you speak to him. You will need three key shards to open the final door of this temple. Get the map from the chest behind the NPC in this room. Use the ladder to get to the next area.

Break the pots on the floor again until you find the spirit Ocococo. (This handy little spirit helps you exit dungeons quickly, by the way.) Equip your iron boots before entering the next room. Find the switch in this room that activates the magnet. Walk across the ceiling until you come to the middle of the two lit torches and drop down. The lit torches open the net door.

Manipulating Magnetic Forces in Goron Mines

Link gets ready to use a bomb

Find the switch hidden behind a structure on the left side of the room. This switch sets a magnet into motion. The magnet moves through three positions. Move over to the edge of the platform and your iron boots will attach you to it. When the magnet gets to the northern side of the room, fall to the floor. Go over to the nearby switch which causes another magnet to rotate. Attach yourself to it and drop off when it comes to the other side.

Go to the western side of the water room to get a small key. Push the block on the southeastern side of the room aside. Step on the switch on the metal grate. Use your boots to grab onto the rotating magnet. Drop down onto the grate between the walls. The magnetic stream will move you to side of the room. Walk up to the next platform. You should see a spinning blue diamond. Use your sword to hit the diamond and a door will be revealed

Go east and climb up the wall. Drop down the ledge here. A nearby rope holds up a bridge. Cut the rope. Cutting the rope reveals another door, which you must have a key to open. Use the small key you have and enter into the next room. This room also contains a heart in a chest.

Goron Mines – In The Valley

Destroy the wooden barrier. Equip your slingshot and head forward. You can eliminate the archers that attempt to shoot at you, or you can dodge their shots. Follow the right-hand path until you come to a statue. Look for a chest on the right of the sculpture. Open the chest and take the key. Go forward into the next area.

The next area looks like something from a steel mill. The room also contains several rotating platforms. Carefully watch how the platforms move and navigate your way across this portion of the valley. Speak to the Goron elder after you finish crossing to get the second key shard. Go to the platform below and proceed to the next room. You will come to another door. Drink any health potions you might have before you enter, you’re about to jump into a boss fight.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii – Goron Mines Mini Boss Fight

Twilight Pricness Goron Mines Mini Boss

The mini boss sits in a shallow pit of water near a lava pit. The object is to throw the mini boss into the lava without getting hit yourself. You can use the iron boots to help you with this, as there are rotating magnetic platforms around the room.

The magnetic platform should keep you out of the lava. Wait for the crazed Goron to attack you when you enter the main room. When the mini-boss tries to hit you, use your spin attack against it. (You can also slash at it with your sword.) He will roll himself into a ball and roll toward link. Try to have Link position himself so he can throw the Goron into the lava.

After you throw him in the lava three times, slash at the crazed Goron with a sword a few times and that should end the fight.The Crazed Goron drops the Hero’s Bow. Pick the bow up and use it to shoot through the flaming window on the other side. When you hit the window, a rope bridge will drop down. Walk across the rope bridge to get to the next area.

Getting to Fyrus, the Boss of the Goron Mines


Head into the next room and activate the spinning statues. Head back to the entrance of the room and find cover when they start firing at you. Use the Hero’s Bow bow to destroy a few of the statues from behind cover. When you have cleared a path, head forward and destroy the statue in the center. Go to the Eastern side of the room and get the compass. (Push the statues around as necessary.) Go to the west and speak to the Goron Elder. He gives you the final key shard.

Walk forward until you come to a gate. Step back and roll into the gate a few times to knock it down. Kill the fire creatures on the ceiling and study the platforms to determine how to get across the lava pit. Time your movements carefully. Push the switch on the other side and your iron boots will take you to the wall. Walk to the hole in the wall and shoot another spinning blue diamond.

Jump down from the ceiling. Use the hole in the floor to get to your next room. Walk across the bridges in the next room and shoot at the blue diamond to the northwest. Exit the room through the door on the north side.

You are now back in the valley you entered this area from. Shoot an arrow at the pink spot on the rotating statue. The destruction of the statue reveals a new path. Follow the path until you find the next switch. Use your bow and arrow to shoot down the rope bridge and drop off on the other side.

The ramp in the next room takes you downward. Walk across it and shoot the rope supporting the bridge. Go forth to the door and you will use the Big Key to open the room where you will have to fight the boss.

Defeating Fyrus

Pullling the chain across Fyrus’s Legs

It takes finesse to defeat Fyrus, although the strategy is simple. Keep your distance from the hot-tempered boss. Hit the pink spot on his head with your arrows. Use the iron boots to pull the chain across his legs to trip him. Use your sword to hit the pink spot on his head when you knock him down. Repeat this process as necessary.

You can use a roll attack to dodge between Fyrus’s legs if he needs to make a quick escape. When you finish the fight, you earn a shadow-fused container and a piece of heart as a reward.

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