Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii: Part Two -- Getting Link's sword and shield

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii:  Part Two -- Getting Link's sword and shield
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Return to Ordon

Head back to Ordon village in wolf form. Talk to the animals you meet along the way. Use the wolf’s stealth mode to spy on the villagers in Ordon when you reach it, as the villagers will not talk to you. Approach the mayor and the villager beside a hut. Press A to eavesdrop on the conversation.

The text for this conversation appears larger the closer you get to the people having it. Get close enough so that you may read the text, but do not get too close or the villagers will attack you. Find out about the sword and shield that the mayor hid. Talk to the nearby beagle to find out how to retrieve things by digging while in animal form.

You can see the villager’s house while you are listening to his conversation. Run into the house. A villager will send a hawk to attack you and block your entry into the hut. You cannot fight this hawk. You must scare the villager away before you can continue.

Leap onto the flat rock beside the water wheel on the side of the house. Have Midna take you to the top of the house and jump through the hole in the roof. Look around the house and find your shield hanging on the wall. Run into the wall a few times to knock the shield loose. Jump out of the window and head to Rusl’s house.

Go over to the hut where Rusl and his wife live. Rusl attacks you. Dodge past him and go to the right side of the hut. Search around the outside wall until you find a small opening in the ground. Dig a hole underneath the house and use the hole to enter. Go over to the couch where someone conveniently left a sword. Use the A button to pick up the sword and head out of the house.

Return to Faron Woods

Link Enters the Forest Temple

Go into the woods until twelve spirits around you. Press B and watch Midna’s energy field grow. Surround the spirits with the energy field and then use your sword and shield to defeat them. Find the spring in the woods and pick up the vessel of light from it. Collect ten insect tears from the woods and use them to fill the vessel of light.

Use sense mode and the mini-map to travel to the location marked by white dots. Each white dot represents an insect. Defeat the insects while in sense mode. Find the house of the merchant Coro. Purchase oil from him. When you have collected all ten insect tears, go defeat the monkey spirit. You will meet another spirit named Ordana.

After you defeat the monkey spirit, return to Coro’s house. Get the key from his house and head to the gate. Travel until you come to a fork in the road. Take the right fork and follow it until you find the cavern. Go through the tunnel. A monkey will your lantern right before you head through the foggy area on the cavern’s other side. Follow this monkey, but be prepared to defend yourself against wandering monsters.

The meddling monkey drops your lantern when you make it to the other side of the foggy area. Pick up the lantern, which is now out of oil. Use the bottle of oil to refill the lantern. Follow the passageway until you reach Trill’s shop. Purchase bottle of oil here.

Look for a big wolf spirit in the area outside the shop. The wolf spirit will send you to another world. Pay attention to the instructors of this other world. They teach you the ending blow skill. Return to the real world and head north until you reach the Forest Temple’s entrance. Cobwebs cover its door.

Use the lantern to burn the cobwebs away and gain entrance to the forest temple.

The Forest Temple

Link uses his boomerang

Walk into the main room of the temple and you will find another monkey cage. Use your slingshot to remove the monkey cage from the ceiling. Break the cage door open and free the monkey.

Proceed to the next room of the temple. A spider descends from the ceiling there. Defeat the spider using spin attacks. Walk toward the center platform of the second room. Select the lantern from your inventory.

Open the path to the next room by lighting all four of the torches here. Open the large chest near the exit and walk into the next room.

The next room contains a series of rotaing bridges. A large babboon prevents you from going foward. A series of rotating bridges swaying in the wind and a monkey with a rope starts the next puzzle.

The monkey with you hops up onto a nearby rope. Grab the monkey’s arms and swing across the bridge and get to the next room. Go to the right side of the room and use the bomb plant to destroy the wall. Use another bomb plant to destroy a moving pot. Watch the Ococo join you. Head north and enter the bridge room.

Proceed across the bridges.The rotation of the bridges makes this a difficult process. Move across the bridges carefully. Get a small key from the chest in this room and head back to the relatively damp room on the other side of the bridges. Use the small key on the locked door. Open the door. The cage rests on the top of a totem pole.

Cross the small bridge. (It collapses by the way.) Run into the totem pole three times to knock the cage down. Goblins descend upon you. Defeat the goblins and

zelda sword

smash open the cage to free the monkey.

Head back to the main room. Several monkeys grab the ropes and shuttle you to the eastern room. A large web blocks the door. Select the lantern from your inventory to burn these webs down. Enter the room.

Carnivorous plants await you at the bottom of the room. Climb up the steps towards the bomb spiders. When a spider approaches you, use your shield to block it. Pick up the resulting bomb and head over towards the ledge. Drop the bomb directly on a carnivorous plant.

Repeat the process until you have destroyed the last carnivorous plant in the room. Go down to the southern end of where the carnivorous plants where. Open the chest and get another piece of heart. Find the vine on the wall. Climb the vine to reach the next room.

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