Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii -- Part 7 of 10 -- Hyrule Castle Town After Lakebed Temple

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii -- Part 7 of 10 --  Hyrule Castle Town After Lakebed Temple
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After you Leave Lakebed Temple

When you get back to the outside world an unfriendly spirit will try to frighten you, but he does not harm you in any way. Midna rejoins you and you will soon enter wolf mode.

If you find that Link’s switching involuntarily between wolf and human form is annoying, there is good news. This section of the game ends with you getting a sword that allows you to switch between forms at will. For now, Midna will send you into wolf form and you must find your way back to Hyrule Castle Town.

If you try to walk into Telma’s Bar, the patrons decide to dump you out unceremoniously, as many people seem to not like wolves giving patronage to any sort of business establishment. Fortunately, Telma’s Cat, like a true feline, will not let herself be deterred by the restrictions that silly humans place on where animals can enter. Watch the path of the cat and follow the entrance Canis uses.

Defeating Poe and Quoting the Raven

Use sense mode to find the location of the Poe. Use the spirit barrier to attack and destroy it. A man has been placed in a nearby chair and is unable to move. Speak to the man in the chair to find out what holds him in place. He tells you that twenty ghosts hiding around Hyrule hold pieces of his soul. (Does anyone else wonder if these soul pieces are the same spirits you have encountered throughout the game so far?)

This may or may not reveal a major plot in the game, or perhaps it introduces another subquest. The important thing that happens here is that Jovani, the spirit you have encountered, reveals a path that leads to the sewers of Hyrule Castle. (You explored parts of these sewers earlier in Twilight Princess)

Find the chain in this location and head North. Find a stick on the ground to use as a torch on a nearby platform to light it. The spider web here blocks your progress burn it down and walk into the next room. Use your paws to dig until and explore the next area of the sewers.

Hyrule Castle’s Sewer System

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot

You are nearly done with your adventure in the sewer and your fur is likely very wet as you have made the trek. Go through the tunnel here and run up the staircase. Be sure to clean yourself off a little as you are about to meet Princess Zelda for the first time in this game.

Before doing so, you must run across the tops of broken buildings. Stop when you come to a bridge that looks like it is missing. When the wind picks up, the missing bridge will extend across the chasm and you can run across. Run over to Zelda and learn about the sword that rests in the Master Grove.

A Few More Zelda Puzzles

Outside of the cave is a howling stone. As the name implies, you can howl a song in wolf form to achieve a certain effect. Walk over to the stone and follow the motions on the screen. This is not a Guitar Hero clone, though it will give you much of the same feeling. Howl the song and you now have a point where you can return to Link’s adult human form.

Start your adventure in this cave by attacking a skull and getting it to reappear. Travel through the tunnel until you come to a waterfall room. Get to the final area and a human appears next to you. Surround him with your energy shield and use the shield to attack him. Do this three times and you should be able to proceed to the next room.

The next room contains another Howling Stone, repeat the procedure used earlier, and try to get the song right as quickly as possible. Two guards appear near Link. You must return them to their original positions. This puzzle can easily be solved through trial and error, although you must think it through to solve it. Another door will open when you finish this puzzle. Run forward and claim the new sword. Now you will be able to have Link switch between his wolf and human forms at will.

Go back to the larger rock here and blow it up, dig underneath the rock to find a cave. Go into the cave and get the piece of heart from the chest. Walk out of this area and find the warp point that will take you back to Hyrule Field. You will also get a piece of Jovani’s spirit from this rock.

Link in wolf form

The mailman delivers a letter to Link inviting him to a meeting in Telma’s Bar. Head to the meeting in human form this time and learn information vital to the completion of the game. Exit Telma’s Bar and use a warp point to reach Lake Hylia.

Find Arun in the lake area and get a memo from him that you must deliver to Fyer. Fyer operates the cannon you have used to launch yourself to Hyrule Castle town several times. Deliver the memo and Fyer will launch you into the Gerudo Desert.

Looking for the Mirror of Twilight

A square puzzle solution

You must find the Mirror of Twilight before completing this section, but it is not necessarily an easy task. Start by fixing the bridge in the area where you land. Go to the southeastern corner of the Desert and find the warp point to Eldin province. Fix the broken bridge in the province and then return.

Walk northeast through the desert until two boars attack you. Shoot the riders off the boars and then grab one and ride it through the desert. (The boar, like the horse, has a sprint ability that lasts for about ten seconds.) You will come to a gate eventually, but do not let the gate stop you. The good news is that you do not need a key. Just use the strength of the boar to smash through the gate and then head north.

You can find another piece of spirit off a small path to the East, do this before going to the end of the Northern trail as you will need these later. Go into the next area and come to the next gate. You cannot smash your way through this one. You may have to use your sword to defeat some foes along the way. (You also should not be mounted on the boar at this point.) Look for the boar roasting on a spit and kill the person guarding it. Get the small key from this area and use it to open the gate. A heart piece rests inside the boar, the liberal application of sword slashes should free it and transfer it to you.

An axe-wielding goblin awaits you on the other side of the door. If you learned the back spin attack, now is a good time to use it. Defeat the goblin and head on up the steps to find the Arbiter Grounds Temple. A Poe at the top of the steps holds another piece of Jovani’s soul.


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