Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii -- Part 10 of 10 -- The Hidden Village and the Temple of Time

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Wii -- Part 10 of 10 -- The Hidden Village and the Temple of Time
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Return to Telma’s Bar

Go back to Telma’s Bar. You will find about a man named Rusi. Rusi has decided to hide in the northern part of Faron woods. Take the warp point back to the forest here. Find Trill’s shop and talk to the shopkeeper. He informs you that another ancient temple exists on the other side of the gorge. He’ll also give you a golden cuckoo.

Go through a tunnel until you come to a platform. Rotate the platform until you come to some bridges. Equip the gale boomerang and move the bridge to the appropriate position. Use the cuckoo to fly you over to the bridge. Use the bird to get to the other side as well and head toward the cavern.

Face the Skull Kid Again

A skull child blocks your entrance to this cave. He sends a few minions to attack you. Dispatch the minions quickly. (Spin attacks are the fastest way to do this.) When you have dispatched the enemies, listen for a trumpet sound and head in the direction it comes from. There are five more enemies in the next room.

Go to the Sacred Grove where you got the Master sword. Push the blocks here out of the way as necessary. When you get to Twilight Princess’s sacred Grove, swing at the pedestal with your sword and a statue will appear. Swing your sword at the statue and you will be able to enter the Temple Trill told you about earlier. Push forward and destroy any Twilight Creatures that get in your way.

Entering the Place of Worship

Link in the Temple of Time

Midna alerts you to the missing statue. You can confirm the location of it by using the master sword to enter wolf mode. The good news is that this dungeon is not complicated and does not require you to solve many puzzles to get to the end.

Equip your clawshot and grab one of the mini statues. Place the mini statue on the switch in the room and a chest appears. Take the small key from the chest and climb up the stairs. Occoco awaits you there. Use the small key you just obtained to get to the second floor of this tower.

The second floor of the tower contains some pottery. Do not break all of the pots in this room. You need to place one pot on a switch to open a gate. Break another pot to open another gate and walk into the next room. Another gate exists at the northern end. Place pots or statues on the two switches by the gate to gain access to the next area.

Some dungeon designer decided to experiment with electricity in the next room, but you do not need to worry about this gate. Go to the top of the stairs instead and glide over the broken area with your spinner. The staircase leads to the next floor.

Whoever designed the dungeon seems to be fond of statues. They might have hired Link to rearrange the furniture, but it’s more likely that Link is here to clear the Temple of some of its more dangerous monsters. The statue obviously goes on the switch.

When the next door opens, walk through it. Turn the statue counterclockwise and then find the lever on the chandelier, pull the lever and cross. Figure out what to do with the next statuette you find and a door will open. Walk across the room until you come to two statues. These statues actually will attack you. Defeat the statues and go over to the chest that they guarded. Get the small key and use it on the locked door to the east of the chandelier.

Traveling Through the Temple Continued

Another Temple of Time Screen Shot

The next Temple of Time puzzle requires Link to step on a series of stones in order to activate certain diamonds. The puzzle is easier to figure out than it is to explain. When this puzzle is finished, a circle appears on the wall across the room. Equip your bow and aim it at what looks to be an alcove behind two circles.

The weird looking circular objects disappear and you can walk safely into the next room. Get the compass from the chest in this room. Go up to a set of stairs until you come onto a small scale. A statue on one side moves the scale down and Link cannot cross the room. Move one of the other statues onto the scale to enable you to get through the next room without too many problems.


Another Temple of Time Screen Shot

The mini-boss for the temple is the infamous black knight. Monty Python fans should not get this creation confused with the same character in the Quest for the Holy Grail. Wait for the knight to jump and slash at his armor with your sword. Do this until you remove most of the knight’s armor.

The procedure repeats itself, but defeating the boss gets trickier as he moves faster. Eventually you will knock all of his armor off of his torso. Slash him a few more times and he goes down. A chest appears on the Eastern side of the room. Get the dominion rod from it. The next floors follow a similar pattern, but the dominion rod you just looted brings a statue to life.

Solve the relatively simple puzzles on the remaining four four floors and get ready to face the final Temple of Time Boss.

Defeating the Temple of Time Main Boss

When you get to the final boss, you will find it to be a little easier than the previous boss. Make sure you have your Rod of Dominion handy, and if you have a fear of spiders, now would be a good time to have someone else take over the controls for you. Walk around the spider and wait for its eye to open. When its eye opens, use the rod of Dominion to activate a statue. Have the controlled statue hit the boss’s open eye. When the eye closes, avoid the statue’s attacks. He sends out spiders after his eye closes. Clear the room of them and watch out for the laser beam.

The arachnid body gets destroyed in phase one, but his eye continues to float around. Send a few arrows sailing at the eye and the fight will end. After winning the fight, you get a mirror shard and a heart container and a mirror shard.

You have to do some running around to figure out where to go next. The hostess at Telma’s Bar at Hyrule Castle Town usually tells you what to do next. Head in that direction and listen when Midna tells you you that the dominion rod is now out of charges.

When you talk to the hostess, she sends you over to the map to find the location of Shad. Shad can be found in Karaiko Village. He is researching an odd statue that Renando recently found in his basement. Go to Karaiko Village and speak to Renando. He gives you a letter. You can also speak to Shad, but there will be little to do for him in the game itself. Graveyards are always a nice place to visit, and they are unlikely to contain skeletons at this time. Go to the graveyard beyond the village and listen to what the Golden Wolf has to say. (You may have to use a howling stone to be able to speak to the wolf.)

Return to Hyrule Castle Town with the letter Renando gave you. The letter must contain some interesting information, because she gives you the doctor’s tab in return. The sum printed on the bill may be quite high, as the game’s flavor text implies, but Link only needs to deliver the message. Go to the western side of the town. He tells you that Lila, one of the town’s residents, had a wooden statue stolen. Go outside of the doctor’s home and search around the Northwest corner of the building. Go into wolf mode and get the medicine scent. You will also catch a whiff of undead.

Follow the scent trail to its end and defeat the skeletons. Warp back to Karaiko Village and return the statue to Lila. Fortunately, a few visiting Gorons happen to see this statue also and help her return the wooden statue to its proper place.

Getting Access to the Hidden Village

You can now get to the Hidden Village. The village is infested with monsters. Equip your trusty bow or slingshot and head to the edge of the village. Shoot away to take them down. Shooting at explosive barrels next to the creatures is the easiest way to take the hulking beasts out. Taking out the rest of the monsters requires you to search for them building by building. Your clawshot will help you here. Defeat all the monsters and earn Lila’s charm as a reward.

The Sky Book’s Missing Symbols

Return to Lila. She tells you to take your Rod of Dominion to the old woman. The old woman gives you a Sky Book, which you need to take to Shad. If you have forgotten, he is currently in Renando’s basement studying the bizarre statue. Shad attempts to read the book, but informs you that you need to gather six more symbols. The Hyrulian scholar helpfully marks the locations for you on a map.

Find the six symbols underneath statues in the following locations:

  • Gerudo Desert
  • Eldin Bridge
  • Hyrule Castle Town Entrance
  • Karaiko Bridge
  • Lake Hylia Bridge
  • Faron Woods

The Sky Book’s Conclusion

A Temple of Sky Screen Shot

Return to Shad in the basement Renando’s House. He places the symbols and tries to read from the book. Although the spell obviously contained great power, it does not seem to work. Go outside the house and look for a broken statue. Equip your rod of dominion and try using it on the statue you found. The spell from the book recharged the power. When the statue moves, it reveals a new path. Go back down the path until you find a broken cannon.

This cannon can launch you to the next destination and one of the last two areas in the game, but you must find someone to repair it. Find Fyer, the Lake Hylia amusement ride operator. Give him 300 rupees and he will fix the cannon. Equip the clawshot. Hook it to the back of the cannon and get in the barrel. Fyer launches you toward the Sky Temple.

The Final Few Twilight Princess Bosses

In the interest of saving space, the mundane traps in each of the last four remaining dungeons will be skipped. Only the mini-boss and boss fights will be included in the following information. (Most Legend of Zelda puzzles are not difficult.)

You will go through the Temple of Sky, the Twilight Palace, and finally through Hyrule Castle. The last two bosses in the game are Princess Zelda and Ganondorf, as is the usual case for many of the Zelda games.

Temple of Sky Mini-Boss

The mini-boss for the Temple of Sky looks like something out of a bizarre Japanese version of Land of the Lost. He can also fly. Watch him fly circles around you and wait for him to put his shield up. Use your clawshot to draw him down to you and hit him with your sword.

The second phase is similar, but he will use the holes in the wall to attack Link. Use the clawshot again and repeat this procedure. When he drops, you can pick up another clawshot, which combines with the one you already have to become the Double clawshot. The odds of you needing this item to get to the next boss in Twilight Princess are extremely high.

Temple of Sky Boss Argorok

The author thinks this is is Argorok

No fantasy game would be complete without an encounter with the dragon. Argorok is not of the friendly variety of dragons. He does not come near you on the ground during this fight. Use your double clawshot to reach the higher towers. When you get to his level, jump on his tail. Equip the iron boots and they will drag him to the ground. Do this several times and he will lose his armor.

When you expose the weak spot on Argorok’s back, it starts raining. Remove your iron boots and use the clawshot on the plants to get to his back. Use the clawshot to get to the weak point and use your sword to hit it. You need to repeat this step three times. When you finish, return to the ground and get the mirror shard and the heart container. Look for the cannon in Lake Hylia, use your clawshot to get back down and head to Hyrule Castle.

Final Bosses: Zelda and Ganondorf

Link is victorious

1.Defeating Zelda

Avoid Zelda’s attacks. When she launches a fire ball at you, use your sword to swing it back to her. The fireball will hit her or Ganondorf. This part is fairly simple. When you finish this phase, Ganondorf transforms into a boar.

2. The Boar Phase

Ganondorf transforms into a boar that charges directly toward you. Stay out of the way of the charge and wait for him to disappear. Watch for the shadows to get a good idea where he will attack from. Use your bow to hit him in the eyes. He eventually starts using portals. Look for a portal that turns blue. Shoot Ganondorf in the eye when he exits the portal. The arrow knocks him back and you can now hit his vulnerable area with your sword.

Then next part of this phase causes him to disappear whenever you fire an arrow at him. Watch the shadows on the floor carefully to see where he will appear. Transform into a wolf and charge directly at him. Use the A button to jump on him. Attack him this way several times and he will transform to a figure on horseback.

2. Fighting Ganondorf When He is On Horseback

The next phase is fairly simple. Wait for Zelda to launch arrows at Ganondorf and strike him while he’s stunned. Avoid the riders he sends out. You need to stay close enough to hit this boss while being careful not to get knocked off of your own horse as well. When you do enough damage this way, Ganondorf goes into the final phase.

3. Final Phase

Ganondorf is done with ranged attacks and controlling others. He must now face Link personally and Ganondorf believes in staying close to his opponent. Circle around him and try to face his back consistently. Use the back slice attack repeatedly. (Ganondorf blocks it about 75% of the time.) Do this until he can no longer stand. Then, in a move that might have been inspired by Mortal Kombat, use a jump strike. This finishing move will bring up the closing scene and end the game.


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