Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Arbiter's Temple Walkthrough

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Arbiter's Temple Walkthrough
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Abiter’s Temple Entrance

The Arbiter’s Temple contains many of the essential decorations for any fantasy dungeon, including numerous traps, skeletons, and deadly peril. These things may not contribute much to the health of the average adventurer, but they certainly make his life more interesting. Link has been exploring dungeons for over twenty years now, so all of these things should not be a problem for him, or his controller.

The first room starts out with a quicksand trap. Avoid getting caught in it. You do need to pull the chain out from it, though. Equip your clawshot and shoot it at the chain. Retract the clawshot to pull on the chain. Go straight across the room until you find the next door.

The skeletons in the next room seem to be rather interested in your presence, which seems odd for brainless creatures that need to neither eat nor breathe. Use the spin attack to clear this room quickly. Light the torches and four Poes enter this room while you are attacking these skeletons. Three Poes leave the room, but one comes down to attack you. Use the sword you found earlier to switch to wolf mode. Defeat the Poe and get another piece of Jovani’s soul.

When you defeat the Poe in wolf mode, use sense mode to get the scent trail of the next Poe you must attack. Go into the next room and climb the stairs. (You can continue to follow the scent trail in wolf form.) Get the map from the chest and continue following the scent trail. The path stops at the Western wall. Use your paws to dig under the wall. When you get to the chain pull it backwards and climb up the new set of steps that appears.

Going After Another Poe

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

The American develpment team for Twilight Princess may have honored the father of modern horror by naming the villainous spirit Poes, but that has little to do with a player’s next move. Get the piece of heart from the chest on the left side of the staircase before proceeding. You will need to use the claw shot to get to this chest.

Walk into the next room and find a platform in the center. The locked door here also blocks your progress. You need to find the key to the lock door. Perhaps the column involves a puzzle? (You can get this column to rotate.) Move the column towards the door and a chest will appear. Open the chest and get the small key. Turn the column back the other way and go back to the main room.

The main room, for those who have forgotten, contains quicksand. Some thoughtful person decided to put platforms across them, but some sadistic dungeon designer thought that spikes were the perfect way to prevent nosy adventurers from spoiling their plans. Fortunately, most dungeon designers tend to be predictable. Time your way through the pikes carefully to avoid being skewered. The locked door rests on the other side of these spikes.

Run to the niche on the west side of this room Go between the fences at the top of the stairs and take note of the chandelier. This unique floor decoration looks out of place. Find the chain that it is attached to and pull the chandelier back up to the ceiling. Let go of the chain and run under the area that the chandelier occupied.

Find the compass behind the statue and head to the east. Someone has locked the door here so head west to find the small key. You may need to break down a barricade or two, but wooden barricades will not subtract from explosive devices that may be needed later. Get the small key from the western side of the room and head back to the locked door.

The locked door presents now further problems once the small key is used. The good news is that a mini-boss or the final boss for the Arbiter Temple is not found here. The next room contains more skeletons, however. It seems that the dead cannot rest here very easily here. Use the sword to switch to wolf form and defeat the skeletons. Once the skeletons have been eliminated, use the spirit barrier to defeat another one of the Poes and get a piece of Jovani’s soul.

Continuing with the Arbiter Temple Grounds

Twilight Princess Screenshot

Small keys are littered throughout the dungeons of Twilight Princess. Find the one on the Eastern side of this room and use it to open the door. You should find yourself back in the room with the chandelier. Pull the chain to raise to the ceiling and dash under it. If done correctly, you should remain relatively safe.

Walk down the stairs in this room. A block prevents further passage. Push the block out of the way and climb into the indented area on the floor. Pull the chain and the chandelier drops down on the area above you without causing you any harm. Climb over the new obstacle and enter the door to the east.

The next room starts with a wooden barrier. (Apparently the dungeon designers could not afford the more effective stone kind.) The security for this dungeon also leaves something to be desired, as another skeleton rests on the other side of the door. Sword slashes do not work too well against this skeleton. Whack at him with your sword and use a bomb to prevent him from regenerating. Enter the next room through the door that opens after you beat the skeleton.

The next room contains two unlit torches. The goal is to light them in the proper order. If you do not do this, a small army of skeletons appears to hinder Link’s progress and the torches go back out. Start with the torch on the east and then go to the west. A Poe appears. Enter wolf mode and watch it split into four pieces. Kill the brightest one and return to the main room of the temple. Go to the western side of the main room. Watch the gate to the North open and reveal your next destination.

Rotating Columns

Twilight Princess Screenshot

The next room contains two columns that rotate. Enter the next room and spin them counterclockwise. Only one of these columns raises the platform. Rotate the correct one to reveal a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and get another small key. Head back outside and rotate the same column clockwise.

The person who decided spikes were a good idea also had a role in the design of this area of the temple. Stay in wolf form and use the sense mode to get an idea of when the spikes will pop up. Sense mode will also help you determine the path you need to take to get to the now open gate on the southern side of this room.

The chain in the next room has become familiar. Pull on it again to reveal another door. Go over to the river of sand, but be sure to revert to human form before you do. Take the path to the East. Be careful or you may find the saw blades cut Link in half. At the end of this path, you will find several pots. Use the sword to break the pots and be reunited with Ocococo again.

The dungeon dressing gets more interesting at the end of this path. Someone included rotating spinning spikes. Dodge the spikes and enter the room. Three more creatures called Stalfos appear. Like the skeleton mentioned previously, these also regenerate. You defeat them in the same way. Knock them down and use bombs to blow them up. When you defeat Stalfos, a door in the back of the room will open.

Arbiter Temple Mini Boss

The mini-boss’s lack of visibility makes him difficult to detect. Cut the rope when you enter the room and use the sword to go into wolf mode. The wolf is able to tell where he is. Wait until he attacks and then attack him. He becomes visible. Revert to human form. The rest of the fight is easy.

You will get a spinner, a device that serves as a personal hovercraft and lets Link “skateboard” across the air of the temple. It also helps him avoid nasty things like quicksand, which this dungeon seems to have a particular problem with.

Getting to the Arbiter Temple Boss

Twilight Princess Screenshot

Jump on the spinner and go to the Western side of the room. You can use the tracks to get through the temple faster and avoid many of the hazards. When you get to the next room, go to the left side and use the spinner on the tracks found there. Dismount from the spinner about halfway and then go to the right side of the room and use the spinner again. Get off the spinner when you come to a door, and enter the next room.

When you get to the next room, use the railing on the left side of the room until you get to the chest. Get the piece of heart from the chest and ride the spinner across the sand until you get to the other side of this room. You can ride the spinner along the rails, but it is easier just to go to the spinning spikes to the north and doge between them to get to the next room. Remount the spinner afterwards, if you needed to dismount, remount the spinner.

Use the ramp to the east, which has another convenient track for you. Dismount when you get to the top. Use the railing on the next wall to get to the door to the west. Rotating spikes slow your progress, but you should know how to avoid them by now. Enter the door on the other side and get the big key. Know that you have it, you have almost everything you need to fight the boss.

There is a small hole in the center of the next room. Go to this and drop into it. Open a passage in the Northern Wall. Go through this passage. Use the spinner and ride it to the top of the staircase. Get the fairy resting here and get ready for the next puzzle. When you have set the fairy to the B button, jump in another circular hole. Drink any potions of healing you might have, and then spin in the circle to raise another track for the spinner. Use the spinner and the railing to reach the final boss.

Defeating the Twilight Stallord

The Twilit Stallord

The tactics for this boss are a bit tricky. Attach the spinner to the far end of the room and ride it around until you reach the back side. You may need to dodge monsters while doing it. When you get to the backside, jump off and use a spin attack against the back of this boss. Destroy the three vertebrates and get ready to face the skull.

Raise the pillar in the center and get ready for the fireball attacks that come from the head. Switch between the tracks to avoid the fiery attacks he launches. Wait for the head to approach and then jump on him. When you knock him to the ground, slash at him to destroy the skull. When the boss dies, another chest opens and you gain a heart container as your reward.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii is rated T for Teen.


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