Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Kariko Village and Death Mountain Walkthrough

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Kariko Village and Death Mountain Walkthrough
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Rescuing Monkeys in the Forest

Meet all the monkeys you have freed in this temple so far in the bridge room. Grab the arms of the nearest monkey and the monkeys will swing you across the chasm.

Head into the next room. Another carnivorous plant swallows the key you need to free the next monkey. The plant sends out another head to attack you. Dodge its attacks as best as you can while while using your sword to attack it. Beat it and then engage a bomb spider. Pick up the spider when it is in bomb mode and throw it into the mouth of the carnivorous plant. Retrieve the key and free the monkey in this room.

Go to the eastern side of the room. Rubble blocks the exit. Grab a bomb spider and toss it against the Eastern wall. Enter the next room. Nefarious villains have trapped another monkey in a cage.

The key rests on another totem poll in this room. Roll into the totem pole to knock the key and a rupee to the ground. Pick upthese items. You need to cross the platform in the center fo the room. Many snakes on the platform will prevent you from reaching its other side. Run to the far right of the platform and cross it. Use your lantern to light the torches on the other side.

Lighting the torces activates the steps that allow you to reach the monkey’s cage. Climb the steps and free the monkey. Head back to the bridge room and cross the bridge.

Defeating the Baboon Mini Boss

The Baboon Mini Boss

The baboon dances around the tops of the totems in this room. Roll into the totems and knock the baboon to the ground. Use your sword to damage slash at this miniboss. The baboon returns to the tops of the totems after you hit him a few times. Avoid the plants that the baboon throws down at you.

Repeat this process until the mini-boss runs off. The baboon drops the gale boomerang. Pick up the gale boomerang and head toward the windmill. Throw the boomerang at the gates of the windmill until you open the gate.

Go back to the bridge room. You will be able to cross the bridge without simian assistance this time. Rotate the bridges so that they point

A monkey helps Link cross the bridge

in the correct directions and walk into the far room. Defeat the goblins that block your path. Look up and see a monkey hanging from a spider web. Select the boomerang from your inventory and use it to knock the monkey down from the web. Enter the main room of the temple.

Look at the ceiling of this room. A chest hangs down form a spider thread. Knock it down using the boomerang. The boomerang and the falling chest reveals a weaker section of the wall. Use a bomb spider to blow it open. Proceed into the next room and select the gale boomerang from your inventory.

Examine the pattern on the ground. Use the Wiimote to trace the pattern over the windmills. Throw the gale boomerang when you have traced the pattern correctly. This reveals another chest. Return to the cross-shaped room.

The Forest Temple Boss

The Forest temple boss starts his attack by throwing carnivorous plant heads at you. Use the boomerang to throw bombs into the plant’s mouth. When this phase stops, the boss swings down and tries to throw a bomb on you.

Target the bomb with the Z button and throw your boomerang at it. The bomb explodes and knocks the boss down. Use your sword to slash the boss’s eye. The boss goes back to the first phase after a few slashes. Repeat this process until the boss proceeds and you get your reward. Pick up the heart container and the fused shadow. Talk to Minda. She tells you to locate the spirit named Eldin. Exit the Forest Temple and go to Hyrule field.

Hyrule Field and Eldin Province

The postmaster awaits you at the Northern end of Hyrule field. Find the post master and learn about how the mail system works in Hyrule. You will receive random items and notices in the mail throughout the game. Find Midna again and speak to her. She returns you to sense mode.

Wander around in sense mode until you find a stick. Sniff the stick to get the scent of the person you are trying to track. Wander around the area in sense mode. Follow the scent trail until you come to its end. Defeat any monsters along the way using the energy field. Return to Midna and she will ask you to search for the missing bridge.

Kariko Village

Kariko Village

It does not take much effort to find the missing bridge. Retrieve it from a nearby rock. Cross the bridge and follow the scent trail until you reach the bloodstained gate. Defeat the guards stationed here.

More spirits await you on the other side of the fence. You must defeat all of the spirits at the same time before you can proceed. Target one of the ghosts and kill it then target get the other spirits to position themselves until you can defeat the remaining spirits all at the same time. The one ghost moves closer the next time. Complete the puzzle and meet another spirit that will give you the vessel of light.

Head into the Kariko Village and collect all the insects in the town. Head outside village and climb up the slope of Death Mountain. Avoid the steam vents. The remaining insects are found on the gate of a purple fence. When you finish the insect hunt, return to Midna. She helps you jump onto the ledge. When you reach the top, a Goron rolls by you and nearly knocks you over. You cannot climb the mountain at this time.

Return to the village and talk to Eldin. He’ll tell you what you need to do to climb the cheerily named Death Mountain. Exit sense mode and return to Ordon.

Learn Sumo Wrestling from Ordon’s Mayor

Find the mayor of Ordon in the south of the village. You can identify the mayor by his strange looking beard. He makes you promise not to reveal his secret. After you make this promise, the mayor will whisk you into his house. Learn the art of sumo wrestling from the mayor of the village. He also gives you a pair of iron boots.

Now that you know how to get past the rolling Goron, return to Death Mountain. You can earn another piece of heart if you round up goats for the rancher again.

Rescue an Ordon Child from Goblins

Goblins riding boars will abduct a child from Ordon Village. Chase after the leader of the goblins. You do not need to defeat all of the boar riders and should focus on the leader of the group. When you get close enough to the leader, have Epona dash towards him. Hit the leader a few times with your sword. Keep an eye on the dash meter. Fall back when the meter runs out. Repeat this process until the leader loses pieces from his armor.

The leader then runs to the nearest bridge. Defeat the leader in a joust to rescue the child. The joust requires a similar strategy as the chase scene did, except that you must hit the goblin leader in the head.

Reach the Goron Village

Sumo wrestler Link

Buy a Hylian Shield from Malo’s shop. Go to the south of Barne’s Bomb shop and find the female ant. Purchase any other required items from the shops in the villageand head back towards the vines on the slopes of Death Mountains. Equip the Iron boots and start climbing.

The Goron that blocked your way earlier comes rolling towards you again. Grab and toss the any Gorons that roll towards you. Go forward until you find another wall to climb.

More Gorons await you at the top. Wait for a pillar to fall from the sky. Jump on the ball form Gorons to get to the next levels. You can force the Gorons into ball form by hitting them just after they try to hit you and then rolling into them. Jump up on each Goron to make your way to their village. When you reach the Goron village, you will face the Goron chief in a sumo wrestling match. If you have removed the iron boots, you will lose the first match against him. Put the iron boots back on before the second match and do your best to dodge the chief’s attacks.

You win the match when you push the chief of the ring. Head down the path leading to the next dungeon and make any necessary changes to your equipment selection.


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