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Story Mode (5 out of 5)

One of the few ingredients to a compelling mystery, if not the most important is the plot. That’s why you have mini-games like Mystery Case Files and Women’s Murder Club that grip you in their storytelling midst as you play out the game.

Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas isn’t any different, in fact its really great.

Mystery lovers will enjoy spending hours on end as they move from level to level trying to figure out the way the mystery is supposed to go. From start to end, you’ll be gripped with the compelling drama and heartbreaking story of Francis von Amadeus and the mysterious figure lurking within the walls of the opera house. The poignancy and melancholy of the story just speaks out to you and every tool is used to splay out this emotional mystery game.

Sounds (5 out of 5)

Classical melodies will float around your ears as you move from level to level, feeling the sadness of the story and enthralled by its melodies. Big Fish really did great mixing the key elements in this game, what with the story blending with the sound, the graphics and the gameplay.

The music is soothing enough that you won’t be bored or irritated with listening to it repeatedly. It’s an added spice to the already climatic story embodying the whole game. You might even want to listen to it, even outside the game of The Moonlight Sonatas.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Much like a story book, the scenes and the images displayed in this game reflect off of a picture book you would read to little kids. There are parts where the painting are almost lifelike. The images shown are compelling, you can see the time and effort spent on every brushstroke and enjoy clicking on the musical notes that hold your riddles.

My favorite would have to be the frescos on most rooms. Its refreshing to see art in gaming and its really something that doesn’t disappoint

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

By far, Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas is one of the best mystery games that I’ve ever played.

I love how Big Fish turned this differently, and that instead of just randomly searching for items off a list, you actually have to employ a bit of sleuthing to determine what it is. The riddles aren’t too difficult but there will times when you’ll be scratching your head wondering what a particular item is. Even the hints are good, as it doesn’t point out to where exactly the item is, but really does give you clues as to where to find something.

There’s also the implementation of the double room, where you can switch the display in one particular room to see hidden clues and what not. But by far, one of the most amusing part of this game are the dollhouse puzzles where you really have to employ brains and logical thinking to figure out how to unlock the puzzles.

By and by a great game, with all the elements blending in together to create a fabulous mystery game worthy of its title.

Definitely a must have.

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