Riddle Guide for the Kitchen of Forgotten Riddles:Moonlight Sonatas

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Check out the Kitchen of the Hidden Sonatas and be wary of the labels on the shelves as they contain more than just pickled jam. Watch out for the preparation table as they could very well hold the clues to what you need in order to crack the riddle. All else fails? Look to this guide as your cook book and prepare to fire up a storm.

Kitchen Riddles 1-10

With me in your hands, you’ll find spills are no match; I ably soak up almost any wet patch - mop

I’m found in some trees by the dozens or more; the half of me here shows a heart at my core - half of an apple

A batch of dough’s thickness is what I combat; I’m the reason why gingerbread men are so flat - rolling pin

By no helping of food should I ever be topped, for I’d fill it with shards now that I have been dropped - broken plate

I’m quite close to the pickled fish smelling most foul,which is likely the reaosn I constantly scowl - frowning face

Amidst decaying food, I would most likely thrive; when your dinner rots my meals will soon arrive - spider

I’m the meltable product of many milked herds;a roller resulting from pressing of curds - wheel of cheese

We’re the prey of a rabbit when out of its den, a letter in texts and a numeral ten - two carrots forming X

I once was a home to the thoughts of a steer, until he decomposed on the desert frontier - cow skull

When a tasty ham sandwich is what you desire, we’re the wheat top and bottom your snack will require - slices of bread

Kitchen Riddles 11-20

We mark what’s profound in the coopering trade; we’re a handle and head over hilt and a blade - crossed sword and axe

I’m a measure of muscle from bovine or swine; once cut and cooked, upon me you may dine - slab of meat

I’m a dual-horned mask on a boiler of brew; its the cape-wielding matador that I oft pursue - cauldron marked with a bull’s head

Painted in black, I’m the head of maned kings; a roarer on wooden planks bound by two rings - lion emblem

I’m a goblet upon a preserving glass case; a single serving of Merlot’s rightful place - wine glass

I’m a cereal soaker made into a mess, for my glass has been handled with little finesse - spilled milk

We’re granules well known to make teeth rot and hurt; found by the cup in the sweetest desserts - sack of sugar

It’s clear that a victim may die by my thrust, but here I’ve not murdered; I’ve merely pierced crust - knife in a loaf of bread

Like the venom of snakes, my effect is the same; if a drink brings on death, my inclusion’s to blame - bottle of poison

When the sky opens up, I shall too open wide; as the puddles appear, under me you may hide - umbrella

Kitchen Riddles 21-27

In creating a cake, I’m a powdery must; a package of wheat finely ground into dust - bag of flour

When my handle is twisted, I open much wider, allowing a fast but precise flow of cider - spigot

I bear emerald scales which measure no weight; the chill of my blood’s my most notable trait - lizard

I’m a countenance labeling preserves well contained; of the jar-marking mugs, I’m the one who’s least painted - smiling face

I’m a rotating piece of a fully grown chick; once walking, now roasting, while pierced by a stick - chicken leg

We’re fried in the morning and painted in spring; though we’re birds when matured, not a song do we sing - eggs

I’m what to review, if you need introduction, before you start bread, cake or cooking production - book on baking

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