Way to Make an Exit -Stage Area Riddle Guide for Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas Part 1

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The Stage Area is one of few stages that you’ll keep coming back to, as well as the added bonus of having a double map in its room. The actual stage is wrought with answers for riddles and the stage floor, as messy as it is bears the same clues. The images depict of Vikings battling a sea monster, while the half drawn curtain reveals a dock of some sorts. (Ever notice that somehow a lot of Norse figures are added into this game?) Check out the clues riddled along the boat itself, the walls and the stage floor and be prepared to say, exit stage left!

Added Note: The Stage Area in Forgotten Riddles: Hidden Sonata is actually the first area in game with a double map, so steps will be provided for you as you play this map. For the clues on how to get past the stage area, check out the Puzzle Room Article within this series.

Stage Area Riddles 1-10

A rodent weighing less than ounce, I’d best avoid orange feline’s pounce - a mouse

We’re ingredients held by a woven sack, essential to make bread or healthy snacks - a bag of grain

On wordy dall, I’m a sticky nest; a place for an eight-legged critters rest- a spider web

A childlike figure at tragedy’s height, unlike my mirrored twin I’m not ready for flight - a cherub with missing wings

Amidst the planks of seaside walls, I’m a sportman’s stick for sticking balls - a baseball bat

A monster from climates much hotter than milked, I’m a stuffed and most sinister toy for a child - a devil doll

In pair i might be worn on feet; at Christmas hung and filled with treats - a stocking

Above the pegs and iron hooks, I sit on heads of sailing crooks- a pirate hat

Of three like casks, I’m one that’s filled; not emptied out or sideways spilled - a barrel of apples

Though dolls can’t speak, I surely can; I chat while held by a silent man - a ventriliquist’s dummy

Stage Area - Riddles 11-20

Within wooden crate we’re grouped in three; a set of swimmers snatched from sea - crate of fish

Between emerald wolf and golden buck, I’m a cross etching to bring good luck - An etched X

Amidst the boat’s unloaded freight I’m a hook and an iron weight - anchor

I’m a cut-out hole you can’t see through, for I’ve boards obstructing the outside view - boarded window

Between two perches for piraes' parrots, I’m a glistening treasure of many karats - gold necklace

Disuising your locks is our greatest strength, covering with new color, style and length - box of wigs

Worn often by ladies for nights on the town, we’re the colorful spread on the mug of a clown - crate of makeup

Though built to float, it seems I sink; my sails seen here within what animals drink - sailboat

On dwelling’s pitch I’ve taken a seat, and paused to clean my ashen feet - grey cat

Above the orange and below the gray, i’m the darkest and least lucky stay - black cat

Stage Area Riddles 21-30

To war, I’m pacifist’s retort; a protest sign on dock support - peace sign

I’m the prettiest pal a young girlmay possess - with my porcelain face and my ruffling dress - doll in a dress

Though best at swimming, here I fly; my fins propel me through the sky - fish

On thresholds sealed, a place I’ve earned, for to pass through I must be turned - door knob

When we’re not drawn, you’re quite exposed; your home’s more private when we’re closed - set window curtains

In waves I lie, from waves I leap; a bottle nose who swims the deep - dolphin

I’ve shell in water blue and pale; submerged and leaving slimy trail - snail

A set of two crossed lines in “tear”, I function here as drape’s repair - letter T

If the stage were the king, I’d be part of its crown; the unhappy twin with a smile upside down - tragedy mask

I’m where one who says action may rest, as the cast acts out the vision he thinks is best - director’s chair

Stage Area Riddles 31-35

I’ve not one meaning but two instead - when i proclaim that I’m the most “read” - red book

Among the four I’m one unique; like two in hue, but with wings right of beak - wooden bird

I’m a loving patch for mending holes, on cloth which hides actors in their roles - heart shaped patch

I’m the white-hued heavenly prop that is one of ten; hiding behind a monster that threatens men - white star

Look for a collection of green feathes, on a mannequin,on the left side of the stage floor - feather boa

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