Hidden Secrets in the Composer's Closet, Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas Riddle Guide Part 1

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Composer’s Closet Info

Everyone has a tiny spot in their house where they stash their things, composer’s are no different. So what secrets lie in the Composer’s Closet? Certainly many, but in this game of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas, to get to the secret first you must answer the riddles and find the items that are indicated therein. The Composer’s Closet is one of the relatively easier rooms in the house as most of the items indicated in the riddles are displayed prominently in the room. The items may be smaller in size as compared to some rooms in the house, but it doesn’t lack in mystique. Be sure to look through every shelf - above and below it too. You many never know what you can find. Most answers are found in plain sight, and if they’re not well that’s what this guide is here for. Happy hunting.

Composer’s Closet Riddles 1-10

We’re the night’s crooked smile and a lovable face; a chaser of cats and an object from space - dog and moon

The value of my contents have quite a range; they vary from one to fifty cent change - box of coins

A bearer od scales, I’m drawn in the grain; my bite may result in your death, not just pain - snake

If you fancy a hat or a bow on your hair, I’m the mix of the two which you may choose to wear - hat with a bow

When carried outdoors, I’m oft opened wide, but always closed up when I’m taken inside - umbrella

I’m one of eight who pull a Christmas time sleigh, carved in what’s mean to keep clothes stored away - reindeer

A crook from years past I once sailed the seas, but I’m missing my arms, my waist feet and knees - pirate bust

When magicians need props, I may heed the call, assuming the rabbit pulled from me is small - small top hat

I’m made from a fox,  a beaver or hare, to keep ladies warm in the cold winter air - fur coat

With fire in my belly, i’m painted in red, serpent that fills all brave warriors with dread - dragon

Composer’s Closet Riddle 11-20

A reason your clothes may be covered n hair, I watch from above with my golden eyed stare - ceramic cat

Vertically stacked, we make two sets of twins; a group in which stories both end and begin - stack of four books

Though i’m meant to keep clothes free of wrinkles and dirt, I’ve yet to be dressed with a coat or a shirt - empty hanger

I ought be installed in a tiny church tower; I’m a miniature clone of what should sound each hour - bell

With my needle on wax, i will begin to play, singing out songs recorded on an earlier day - phonograph

An island, ocean and continent holder, I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders - a man holding a globe

When mom’s not around, it must be agreed, I’m the second best choice when there’s babies to feed - baby bottle

Wrapped in a striped paper with golden bow tied, I hold a tiny mysterious object inside - gift with a bow

I’m an earlier form of an email of fax; words written and folded then sealed with wax - letter

Below hat and handle I’m carved with great care, the lone two-dimensional high heeled pair - trunk marked with shoes

Composer’s Closet Riddles 21-28

Fueled by oil and lit by a spark, I enable a camper to see in the dark - a lantern

I whistle when I reach a boiling degree; it signals my contents are ready for tea - a silver teapot

I’m a pretty and frilly dressed porcelain toy, more commonly owned by a girl than a boy - a doll

To make you smell lovely’s for what I a made; when I’m squeezed, a most beautiful fragrance is sprayed - a bottle of perfume

If one has weak eyes, I must rest on his nose, before he views words set in vertical rows - a pair of glasses

Like many around me, a foot I would hold, but I’m missing a partner and am fastened by gold - a shoe with a gold buckle

I’m a miniature man who was made in a mold. cast by the pouring of liquified gold - a golden man statue

If saving time while walking downhill’s your goal, my wheels on your feet would allow you to roll - roller skate

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