Uncover the Riddles in the Attic of Forgotten Riddles: MoonlightSonatas

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One of the few rooms you’ll keep coming back to is the Attic. This area is frought with items, hence the multitude riddles in your path. A cool feature here is the flashback scene where you’ll see Maria giving birth to her daughter! (They’ll even be included in the riddles so be wary and take heed of what you read)

Attic Riddles 1-10

Shattered to shards, I must quickly be mended, or else I may leak when good weather has ended - broken window

When the temperature drops and the ground’s full of flakes I’m the footwear for speeding across frozen lakes - ice skate

That we’ve fallen from fashion, you’ll see at glance; it’s clear that we’re second-hand dresses and pants - crate of old clothes

I’m a planter not holding the dying or spilled; two thriving, five petaled blossoms I’m filled - flower pot

Covered in dust, I’m a cameraman’s stash; old faces recorded with a click and a flash - box of photos

In a once empty stovepipe you’ll find me instead, the magical hare on illusionists' heads - rabbit in a hat

I once held within me a coin saver’s stash;I squealed when my pennies were loosed by a smash - broken piggy bank

I was once packed away, maybe while still alive, for I clawed through the box in hopes I’d survive - skeletal arm

I’m a clock with no gears, telling time not by hand; I simply mark hours with gravity and sand - hourglass

To a baby Beethoven, I’m an item most vital, for I’m what’s to be played at his tiny recital - miniature piano

I’m a crude sort of calendar etched by a knife where someone marked one dozen days of his life - set of hatch marks

I’m a record of thoughts and events through the ages; A new day begins with each turn of my pages - diary

I’m where cut flowers' stem may upon water sip; were I dropped all the flowers upon me may chip - vase with floral design

Attic Riddles 11-20

For the seeing of sights further into the distance, I’m what to extend if your eyes need assistance - telescope

I’m the ceramic spot where ten petals reside, flourishing well while the others have died - pot with flowers

When encountering doors, retrieve me from your pockets, unless it appears you’d forgotten to lock it - key

I hold her arms and assure he with care, for I can see the woman is already quite scared - nurse by the bedside

Hung from a chain, inside me’s a place, to keep a small picture of a loved one’s face - locket

A colorful likeness of a man of great power, I watch all the people from upon a stone tower - painting of a king

Sadly i’ll always be part of a man, for sculpting my body wasn’t in the plan - stone bust

Ridden by children, I tip forward and back, galloping to the end of an imagined track - rocking horse

I’m an arsenal strapped to the bow hunter’s back, keeping arrows in reach when he’s set to attack - arrow quiver

I ensure that pianists perform at their best, for I detail which key is the next to be pressed - book of music

Attic Riddles 21-30

With a canvas and brush, I’m what all artists usel my color’s a mixture of two other hues - can of green paint

We’re the triplicate children of a bluebird or crow, basking in the heat of a fire below - bird’s nest

Set into gold, we’re three towers of light, growing shorter with every hour we burn bright - set of candles

When encountering doors, retrieve me from your pocket, unless it appears you’d forgotten to lock it - key

I’m a great place to search, when past attempts have failed, when searching for tales of monkeys or snails - book volume m-s

All of the secrets you wouldn’t tell a friend, are written within me upon each day’s end - diary

We’re the attic’s most cuddly, comforting pair, perfect for two twins to hold nightly when scared - two teddy bears

Holding a folden clean cloth at my wrist, I pray for the lady as I wait to assist - nurse standing

I’m much like a taxi, but covered in bristles, arriving right quickly whenever a witch whistles - broom

When you wonder if your appearance is lacking, I’ll show you your face, plus additional cracking - mirror

Attic Riddles 31-37

If I’m missing from a galleon, off course it will veer; any captain without me will be unable to steer - ship wheel

I come form ears not found on a head; sealed in a cylinder where my name can be read - can of corn

Though his head’s on the block, the prisoner’s not scared; without me his executioner has come unprepared - axe

I’m a buccaneer born from a paint brush’s tip; a blade do I hold with a golden-toothed grip - pirate

I’ve the darkest of coats amongst the scurrying pests; by the looks of my meal, I steal from the best - mouse with a piece of cheese

I’m an oft buried box full of gold,stamped with a corpse’s crossed arms to scare off the bold - chest marked with a skull

I’m a pigmented picture of a prince now grown; an occupant, not merely an heir to the throne - painting of a king

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