Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata Nursery Room Riddle Guide Part 1

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Even Super Sleuths need some time out. Run to the Nursery Room and figure out the clues in the riddles while peering into the past and seeing Francis and Johann converse with the occupant of the Nursery Room curiously listening in. This room holds a very big secret, are you smart enough to figure it out? Check the shelves and play with the dolls as they hold more than just entertainment in your hands.

Nursery Room Riddles 1-10

I sit with my sisters, one of five; I seem to have fallen on to my side - angel laying on its side

I sit near a cover the shade of a blush, a porcelain girl who’ll not need a hair brush - bald doll

I’m a mythical creature from stories you’ve read; a galloper born with a horn on its head - unicorn

I’m a squealing figure with pink rustic charm; I’d be found in a pen in a country side farm - pig

A gilden cylinder of minimal weight, I’m here to keep gray hair straight - gold hair band

When the girl picks me from the shelf high above, she’ll read from my pages sweet stories of love - book marked with a heart

Casting a glow, between bottom and top, my middle’s depicting an animal’s hop - rabbit lamp

I’m an outfit filled with lots of art, you’ll see a clover, a butterfly and a heart - daughter’s pink dress

Above the shelves where dolls and toys roam, I’m a miniature model of a much larger home - dollhouse on a shelf

In a fruit stand or tree you might find my red kin, but I’m a bit different, for I’ve golden skin - golden apple

Nursery Room Riddles 11-20

I’m an oft cuddled grizzly impeccably dressed, for my neckware’s well-paired with suit or a vest - bear with a bow tie

Were i not full of cotton, down holes would I hop; a consumer of carrots with long ears that flop - rabbit doll

We’re princess and pal with a long slender neck; a girl upon fowl for a cross-water trek - princess riding a swan

Dresssed in a gown of spots specked on red, I’m a ladybug like lady missing a head - doll without a head

We’re a set of three cubes and a gap on the shelf; a toy for a child to learn spelling himself - set of letter blocks

Sharing space with a geisha and six to be read, I’m the glistening top of a royal man’s head - crown

You’d feel the heat when I’m huffing and puffing, yet I’d likely not breath fire but stuffing - dragon doll

In a set of bound volumes, I’m the one numbered four; my cover of whitened red sheltering lore - numbered pink book

My most notable feature is where you’d find specs, for my eyes are not buttons but rather X’s - rag doll with X eyes

My miniature cackle scares all in room; I’m the wickedest toy known for riding a broom - witch doll

Nursery Room Riddles 21-30

Behind bars with a pillow I bask in the moon’s light; the plush toy of a child would hold in the night - bear in the crib

Set next to sailor; I lie on my rght; my silken dress shaded like sun’s golden light - doll in golden dress

I’m a likeness of pets you might walk through the park; a minuscule mutt most well known for my bark - dog doll

I’m a strumming figure who’s opposite the floor; a musician with wings playing where birds roar - angel playing harp

I’m a quite mobile puppet who dances and sings, controlled by the child who’s pulling my strings - marionette

I’m food and a valuable metal to boot; both twenty carats and delicious fruit - golden apple

I’m a mammal who inhabits underwater, but drawn on an attire for a special young daughter - dolphin drawing

Held gently by the composer’s arm, I’m a fluffy toy that brings much charm - teddy bear on Francis' arm

Within royal rooms of a medieval town, I’d serve as the kingdom’s entertaining clown - jester

I’m a youngester living in a toy-filled en, while listening intently to two grown men - Francis' daughter

Nursery Room Riddles 31-38

I’m a row of many stitched signs, among them are a pi and a nine - row of symbols

To find me easily is of no debate, for I’m the only object that animates - ballerina toy

It’s the bodies of porcelain dreamers I keep; a comfortable space for a toy doll to sleep - doll bed

Within me are stories and most ancient lore; my spine has a pointer that aims at the floor - green book with an arrow design

Inside a small model of rooms and of halls, I’m a mysterious critter who peers through the walls - pair of glowing eyes

I’m a pestilent bearer of ancient disease; while I’d give you the plague, I hope you’d give me cheese - rat

I’ve buckles that bind leather straps on my side, keeping safe all the treasures I’ve hidden inside - trunk

When a story’s desired I’m a lovely selection; a crimson tome marked with a sign of affection - red book with a heart design

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