Skeleton Key a.k.a Riddle Guide for the Entrance in the Forgotten Riddles:Moonlight Sonatas Part 1

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The Entrance to the abandoned mansion looks littered and frought with hidden items but fear not, this article will be your guide to the riddles in this area of the game. Look carefully in between the steps and look to the etching on the marbles to find etched symbols and numbers. Maybe the answer is there? Don’t overlook the statues as they contain more than you think they do. Look to your left and to your right, they might hold the key to your current riddle. Last, don’t forget to look in between the nooks and crannies - small items can sometimes be overlooked as we tend to look past the details that make the bigger picture.

Entrance Riddles 1-10

I’m the least hairy half of a two lion pair; to announce your arrival, tap my ring with care - door knocker with no mane

Near the stairway you may hear a galloping beat; it couldn’t be me when I am head with no feet - horse

My egg-laying life’s spent cooped up on a farm; the male of my species is the farmer’s alarm - chicken

On a staff, I may represent A thought G, half of ten and a math symbol both neighbor me - etched note

On a compass' face I’m what’s opposite west, but here on the wall I’m not shaped like the rest - E in the brick

A lovely lady well equipped for flight, I rest on an arc which appears in the night - angel on the moon

I’m a stone ring befitting the ruler’s heads; I’d not strain the king’s neck were I golden instead - stone crown

I’m affixed to a dual-horned figure of stone; were I made out of wood, I’d return when I’m throne - boomerang

I’m a man’s frowning mug in a plant-like disguise, for I’ve leaves for my lips and I’ve berries for eyes - face in the bush

I’m the head of a human who’s breathed his last breath; a man’s face remaining for years after death - skull

Entrance Riddles 11-20

I’m a leg and a thanksgiving feast made of stone; a carved likeness of tender meat still on the bone - stone turkey’s leg

I’m a creature most commonly found in a house, evading the bulldog or tracking a mouse - cat in the window

I’m often passed over by ascending feet; an etch of a muscle best known for its beat - heart

If you gather a two and a three and a six, I’m the cross and the line which are made when they mix - Roman numeral eleven

When putting a question to paper from mind, to end what you’ve written is for what I’m designed - question mark

I’m the number of mice on the steps plus a math; a four split in half and a quarter of eight - number 2

Surrounded by panes which could easily break, I’m a consonant found at the core of “mistake” - T

Finding the pool, I’ve paused for a sip, leaning over the edge while my talon feet grip - drinking bird

We’re tossed by a hand in a gambler’s roll; our result would be pleasing if seven’s the goal - two dice

I’m masked like a bandit, but search not for cash; I’m a critter more likely to root through your trash - raccoon

Entrance Riddles 21-26

I’m three joined likes forming a shape everyone knows; I can be seen upside down pointing to the steps below - upside down triangle

We’re best seen from outside as the nighttime draws near; two sticks which, with use, will quickly disappear - two candles in the window

Beneath wooden doors and above the hedge, I’m the number of signs on the upper step’s edhe - number seven

In the shadow of statues, where the plants have grown deep, I’m a green-skinned fly-eater who travels by leaps - frog

At a bald figure’s hip, we’re a peelable bunch; three stone fruits out bearer may eat for his lunch - bunch of stone bananas

We’re a hanging stone trio who’ll unlock your place, keep track of time and hide under your face - key hourglass and skull

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