Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas - Portrait Room Riddle Guide Part 1

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Portrait Room

The very first room in the game of Forgotten Riddles:Moonlight Sonatas -the Portrait Room will draw you into the mystery of the music house and plunge you into a work of riddles and make believe. Look carefully at the portraits on the wall, they hold more than what they seem to do. And when the flashbacks bring you back in time you’ll see Isabelle and Francis standing before you as if time stood still and forgot about the tragedy in this house.

Portrait Room RIddles 1 - 10

I’m stitched and made for a lady of noblesse, often adorn on hair but now I’m tied to a dress - pink bow

I’m a luminous arc, dwelling within a pane; a crescent carved deep in an entryway’s grain - moon in the window

For the painting of portraits in places remote; I’m a convenient art supply carrying tote - an artist’s case

By playing tunes I’ve gained my fame; from planks of tree they’ve made my frame - minstrel

With lamp in hand and set alight, glow casts across my face in night - woman with a lantern

I’m a delicious food bunnies would eat, not gron on land but stitched on seat - carrot

Side by side we stand; we are well dressed with a parasol in hand - two girls holding hands

With ribbon tied about my neck, across a page my two eyes trek - woman reading a book

I’m a gentleman shown below the eye; beneath my snout gray whiskers lie - a mustached man

I mark the date of a picture on the wall; but not whether it was painted in spring, summer or fall - a frame dated 1732

Portrait Room Riddles 11-20

Upon my board mixed colors stand; you’d find a brush in my unseen hand - painter

I’m one of four symbols a card draw would bring, but here I’m found fixed to an opening ring - spade symbol

I manage tomes stacked high and deep; to read, through glasses I must peep - librarian

While on ground I moved slow; having fled from my cocoon, I now mimic a bow - butterfly

Near doves in flight and two at rest, I’m what a knight rides on his quest - horse

I’ve a steed to show a friendly boy; in play we’ll share my four hoofed toy - girl with a toy horse

I’m set to brave winter storm, for I’ve clothes of fur to keep me warm - woman in fur

In a corner where one girl and two girls meet, you’ll find me and a net that I wove with eight feet - spider and a web

Under glow of the moon, I’m a being with bark; a pet who oft pants, beneath master’s knee I am parked - dog

I’m held in a hand and am made of gold; when she puts me on she will no longer look old - gold mask

Portrait Room Riddles 21- 30

Conveniently kept in a pouch at the hip, we’re twins who’re both topped by a paint pushing tip - pair of brushes

Dipped into color and guided by hand, I’m outlining the head of a figure who stands - a brush in an artist’s hand

If i’m lost, there will be little cause for distress; my necklace bear’s my owner’s name and address - cat

I’m a leg covering salvagd by needle and thread, having not been discarded, but mended instead - stitched stocking

I’m the place for what ought fill a fastening roll; amidst three which seal vest, I’m a lone empty hole - unfastened button hole

I’m a conquering warrior set in a frame, wielding a blade as I stand before flame - painting of a conquistador

The paints on my surface are easily combined, til they perfectly match what’s in the artist’s mind - an artist’s pallet

I make the gowns of girls' dreams, embroidering details and stitching seams - seamstress

In the midst of a man and two creatures in flight, I’m a sign of true love that has faded to white - white heart

In water calm and hands on oar, into the mist I go from shore - boating man

Portrait Room Riddles 31-39

I most frequently bind leather loops at the waist, but here I adorn what is typically laced - buckle

Should one but this portrait, they’ll not be mislead; I’ll show them its clearly been painted by Fred - painter’s initials

With rolling wood and pan of steel, I’m read to prepare any meal - woman with kitchen utensils

I fill pallets with pigment as quick as a breeze, for I’m emptied by pouring instead of by squeeze - can of paint

I’m a charge within clouds that’s released in a flash, I brighten the skies and shake the ground with a crash - lightning in the sky

I’m a mythical scourge of a mist covered lake, my head above water on neck like a snake - sea monster

Midst gray and golden locks quite fake, I’m most in need of what I make - wig maker

I’m a beast with a trunk on a portion of frame, a decorative image of African game - A frame with an engraved elephant

Within my grip is what blocks the rain; on a gold peaked scene, its a reddish stain - woman with a red parasol

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