Courtyard of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas (Riddle Guide) Part 1

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Ah this is where it all began, at least for Isabelle and Francis. With Johann prodding at their sides, the two began a courtship that seemed to be more of convenience than love. In the Courtyard where they spend most of their courtship days, you must walk around and find clues as to the answers to the riddles in your hand. Worry not Master Sleuth, you’ll get at it, no matter how many rabbits and gargoyles get in your way.

Courtyard Riddles 1-10

I’m a shooting shape on which you may wish and hope; I’m found to an etched eye’s left or through the telescope - star

I’m a favorite design of Johann’s young daughter; an embroidered representation of water - wave pattern on Isabelle

I act both as the stinging and feathered one’s homes; within me are found either nests or wax combs - beehive birdhouse

I’m both trambled by shoes and ensnared by hooked bait; a swimming stone catch with a miserable fate - fish design

I’m a monster of marble, inspiring fear; both silenced and blind, but quite able to hear - faceless gargoyle

I’m a vintage oft served in a narrow stemmed glass, adding to meals a touch of high class - bottle of wine

In the darkest of hours, through heavens I shoot; a third step’s design oft passed over by boot - star on the steps

I’m home to a shrub and a homage to night, covered in clones of a late hour’s light - vase with nighttime design

We’re a nestling set of two hares in a stack; one laying at rest with another on back - two huddled rabbits

I’m the focusing end of four symbols in line, the source of a tear and a watching design - eye on the steps

Courtyard Riddles 11-20

After days behind bars, we’ll soon flee with great speed; we’re a mother and babe unintentionally freed - two rabbits in the hutch

A sign of romance with an arrow attacking, I represent feelings that Francis is lacking - pierced heart

What makes me unique is what hides in my hair; a soft, cuddly symbol of loving care - heart on a rabbit

In evening sky’s where we would typically hover, but here we’re shapes stitched in a fitted leg cover - moon and star on Johann’s pants

We’re a left-behind traceable trail in cement; a set of tracks leading where somebody went - foot prints

I stand out quite well among critters with beaks; though my form is the same, my bright color’s unique - dove

Unlike my brothers I face the horizon, watching the clouds til the moon’s finished risin' - rabbit watching the sunset

Sharing a trait with a poker game’s hand, I dress up a suit, making Johann look grand - Johann’s vest

When I’m missing a “barn” is merely a “bar”; from an M or an O, my place is not far- carved letter N

I bring distant planets into focus without fail, so you can see stars in greater detail - telescope

Courtayrd Riddles 21-30

I’m a monstrous statue intented to frighten, but holding a beautiful blossom to brighten - gargoyle holding a flower

I’m a holder of feathers and eggs by the score, while keeping sea vessels from striking the shore - light house

we’re like a parade of zoo animals in line; not fit for a cage, we’re a woven design - stitched animals

I’m a letter of “Jest” and the first of “July”; the cut of a knife in what’s branched toward the sky- carved letter J

I’m where feathered ones rest if they’re weary from flgiht, yet a guider of sea-faring ships through the night - lighthouse birdhouse

Carelessly left where the foot may ascend, I contain what is written tofamily or friend - sealed letter

Buring for ages, by shovel revealed, without keys my interior secrets stay sealed - wooden chest

Like my long-eared brothers, on carrots I chew; but while they have one heart,it appears I have two - rabbit with heart shaped patch

I’m the brightest of kin to a trio of crows; while they vanish at night, I hide best when it snows - white bird

In the night, to no predator shall I fall prey, for the hue of my furs let me vanish away - black rabbit

Courtyard Riddles 31-41

I’m a most likely place where one might have a seat, yet no one may sit ‘til I’m back on my feet - toppled stool

I’m a sparrow’s warm home when he’s not traveled south, preferring to dwell in Pinocchio’s mouth - long nosed birdhouse

Deperately lonely while seated on bark, I long for my friends, one of lightthree of dark - a lone blackbird in a tree

I’m a cardinal’s nest in a monstrous disguise, baring my teeth as birds pass through my eyes - menacing birdhouse

I fill in the space between M and O; found on a compass with S straight below - carved letter N

I’m the incomplete bulk of a perched bovine beast; while my twin has two points, I’m the one with the least - gargoyle with a missing horn

That I’d best be avoided is to be assumed, for I kill when my poisonous cap is consumed - poisonous mushroom

While I’m perfect for planting a blossoming patch, my decor is ideal for unsealing a latch - planter with a key design

I’m a few shy of X and and two over; the ROman result of a four mixed with three - roman numeral VII

Clinging to arch I’m a heavenly sight; one bearing stone flappers too heavy for flight - cherub statue

Regardless of time or of inclement weather; the sun’s shining rays are upon me forever - vase with sun design

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