Chill at the Patio of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata with this Riddle Guide

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Chill out on the Patio and take a break from the worries of the world but don’t forgot to solve the riddles in this room! Most of the items here are relatively easy to find as they’re scattered on the floor. It’s a breeze to pass through but just in case, this riddle guide will help you out.

Patio Riddles 1-10

Since the burning day sun has now made its retreat, alone I remained to provide light and heat - burning candle

We’re the crossing of killers escaped from their sheaths, battling in blue while surrounded by leaves - two crossed swords

I was destined for war from the day I was born, for I best lead the charge with my singular horn - unicorn

I’m a likely revealer of treasure and bones; a tool every gardener and gravedigger owns - shovel

Written on paper and placed before me, a lower case “q” would appear as a “p” - mirror

What’s growing within me is likely to die; I leak when it’s watered and leave its roots dry - cracked pot

I’m most aptly dressed up in silver and gold; the very same contents I’m likely to hold - treasure chest

As the river runs past, I’ve a wheel that turns, all while a fire inside of me burns - saw mill

Missing my leaves, I’m a most bizarre growth, a bark covered limb and a grasping hand both - hand-like branch

To grow me in bulk may be excellent advice; my sign would imply that I’d fetch a high price - plant marked with a dollar sign

Patio Riddles 11-20

I swam as a tadpole and leapt ever since; until smooched by a princess I won’t be a prince - frog

I’m a camper’s scourge miniaturized to delight, keeping warm atthe sides of all children by night - teddy bear

You might go for a stroll, once I’m matched with my twin; I have only room for a lone foot within - shoe

My mending would best be assisted by cast, but I’ll not likely heal since my owner has passed - broken bone

After chasing a mouse or a bird from its nest, I’m lounging about for a much needed rest - cat

My presence at night may inspire some fear; when I have arrived, the werewolves may appear - full moon

I’m a fortified dwelling which royalty owns, made by the stacking of thousands of stones - castle

Flying, igniting, and covered in scales, I’m a knight-scorching monster of medieval tales - dragon

In the darkness of night I’m a feathery find; though my twin may see me, I am seemingly blind - eyeless owl statue

When a fire is burning, the sky and I meet; I quickly ascend when I harness its heat - hot air balloon

Patio Riddles 21-26

I’m where sparrows may weather the rain and the winds; a woven twig home to a bird bearing twins - nest holding two eggs

Wherever I travel, my home I shall go, though the pace of our journey will be rather slow - snail

I keep all the coinage which no one will steal; should anyone try, I wil most surely squeal - piggy bank

It’s best that what’s painted upon me is fake; the heat would cause what’s planted in me to bake - pot with a fire design

You’d be quite unable to consume me often; upon the first drink, you’d end up in a coffin - bottle of poison

When I’m held in your hand and given a turn, what lies beyond once sealed doors you shall learn - key

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