Servant's Quarters of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas

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Is this were the ill-fated Maria used to stay? Perhaps, perhaps. The Servant’s Quarters hold the answer to the riddles your looking for, (at least for this part). A lot of the riddles are strewn on the floor so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Don’t forget the bed as it holds quite a surprising number of tools too!

Servant’s Quarters Riddles 1-10

Among keepers of clothing, there is little doubt, I’m the most difficult of the four to pull out - drawer with a missing handle

I’m missing my thorns, so I’ll not cause a scream; I’m a perfectly safe place for all heads to dream - rose pillow

You’ll see many days when I’m set in your sights; within me you’ll find I have thirty-one nights - March calendar

While a lens upon a cornea may be preferred, I’d do well to assist when the world seems blurred - pair of glasses

With each passing year, we’d still make a fine meal; we’re immortal morsels kept under tin seal - cans of food

I’m someone who’ll never be addressed as mister; it’s not the right word for a mother or sister - unknown woman

I’m a brightening spark which oft travels with rains, most likely to strike you upon open plains - lightning bolt

The tracking of minutes is my only chore; its time that I chime since the hour is four - clock

When a room is secured and must be accessed, granting you passage is what we do best - key ring

I’m a trophy for which every angler’s fought; affixed to a plaque to show all what he’s caught - mounted fish

Servant’s Quarters Riddles 11-20

When an ailing snout needs to be cleared by a blow, I’m the ideal place for the mucous to go - handkerchief

When one’s goal is felling a bear of a buch, the hunter who uses me will have the best luck - rifle

I’m the likely creator of soil in a mound, if it’s sitting beside a deep pit in the ground - shovel

I’m a reason why cedars may lay on their sides, and when I was last swung, someone died - axe

Once we’ve been used, we’re best washed in the sink; if left soiled by meals, we soon start to stink - plate and utensils

I’m a clone of what often gives campers a scare; a child’s companion with fuzzy brown hair - teddy bear

That I’m of great value, there is little doubt; I’d be safest ‘round neck, and not left lying out - necklace

My pans either tip to the right or the left, depending upon which one holds the most heft - set of scales

Were I used against man, someone out have been jailed, but it’s merely a wooden wall that I’ve assailed - knife in the wall

A periodical purchased for just a few cents, I keep all up to date with the local events - newspaper

Servant’s Quarters 21-27

I assist with a drip, but Im no match for a pour; when I fill to the top, water spills to the floor - bucket

I’m an excellent cure for your hands’ hygiene troubles, destroying their dirt with a million bubbles - bottle of soap

When I grow old, I’ve no fear I’ll be gray, for I’ll be free to choose any color toupee - balding man

I’m a portion of port from a vineyard’s supply, the one who has been kept in the clearest day’s sky - blue wine bottle

I’m a cushion for heels and a pair incomplete; most often I dwell betwixt boots and your feet - sock

I’m a boned concave keeper of kipple or meat; when empty I’m filled up so Rover may eat - dog bowl

The item I carry goes well upon bread, if first it is ground to a buttery spread - mouse with a peanut

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