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A particular note of interest in the Study Room is that during the Flashback scene of the game, the actual room changes to a close-up of Francis in front of the piano! Other than that, the room remains the same during other parts of the game itself. Sit yourself down in front of the desk and get cracking, with the help of the answers to the riddles in this article.

Study Riddles 1-10

I’d much prefer feasting on swiss and chedders, yet I’d snack upon leathery covers of letters - mouse eating a book

I was built long ago, for a ruler who’d died; I keep all his wrapped-up remains safe inside - pyramid

In the presence of archers, if pinned to a wall, upon me a number of arrows may fall - bull’s eye

Created on what I can easily burn, I’m a mythical creature many knights would concern - drawing of a dragon

Usually accompanied by cheese in a social activity, I’m here instead to enhance the composer’s creativity - glass of wine

Behind the stacked stones, we’re twins set aglow; two luminous orbs watching what lies below - glowing eyes in the wall

The route to great wealth is the knowledge I keep; I detail the path to a chest buried deep - treasure map

A ruler’s scepter would go well in my grip; my corners ought be marked by “K” and a pip - an image of a king

I’m a structure where winged babies eat grow and sleep, the most likely sourceof a chirp or a cheep - bird’s nest

Its tricky to spot me whenever I fly, for my color blends perfectly into the sky -  blue bird

I’m a singular page of symphonic perfection, place before players to air recollection - page of music

When I’ve been dropped in water, no vessel has drifted; they can’t float away til from sea I am lifted - anchor

The rings of my trunk would tell you my age, were I not two-dimensionally drawn on a page - tree drawing

Study Riddles 11-20

I’m a circle with hands pointing to a twelve and a six; their position changes with minutely ticks - clock’s face

Carved with a knife, I’m a musical measure; one that birds in the trees might sing at their leisure - notes carved in a tree

I’m scanning the room with my octet of eyes, with hopes that I’ll soon spot the juiciest flies - spider

The route to great wealth is the knowledge I keep; I detail the path to a chest buried deep - treasure map

Although i’m intended to keep feet enclosed, my unraveled stitching would leave toes exposed - boot in disrepair

My eyes are aglow as I dwell under drawer; should I cross your path, there’ll be bad luck in store - cat under the desk

Any prey that i catch should be doubly alarmed; I’ve not only claws, but by blade I am armed - lion with an axe

I’m a beast who fills medieval villagers with dread, scorching their towns as I fly overhead - dragon

The two fallen fifths of star incomplete, I’m imperiled, for I may be stepped on by feet - piece of star

On the streets of Pamplona, I’m a reason for screams; a horned beast who haunts every matador’s dreams - bull’s head

Study Riddles 21-30

I’ve rotten behind the wall where I was sealed; as the plaster decated, I was finally revealed - a skeleton in the wall

I’m a king of the jungle, with one minor flaw: I’m armed to attack only by tooth or claw - a lion

I was written out after a skin pricking pain, for the ink of my letters were drawn from a vein - a letter written in blood

I’m a curvy line consonant crossed by a line; on green bits of paper, a currency sign - a dollar sign

I’m a fortified home, built of many stacked stones, containing a family who sits upon thrones -a castle

I harness the wind as I travel over waves; a sea faring vessel for sailors most brave - a sailing ship

I’ve seen many seas, but I don’t mean to brag; I’m simply the mark on a pirate ship’s flag - skull and crossbones

I’d guide exploration, should ever you choose, to go a search for koalas or kangaroos - a map of Australia

To compose me require musical craft but as you can see I’m still a draft - draft music sheet

I resemble what’s found under the sea, once eaten you’ll get plenty of vitamin D - etched fish

Study Riddles 31-37

It is easily seen I haven’t been taken with care, for my leaves are gone and my roots are bare - drawing of a dead tree

If a miniature piano is made with fitting keys, I can play eight simultaneous notes with relative ease - spider

I can’t blink but yet I stare, I was created by an artist with great care- etched eye

Printed under musical score, we’re a consecutive pair between one and four - number twentry three

After fully feasting on the buzzing kind, I wander aimlessly to whatever I can find - spider

Upon seeing me you won’t know which key to fetch, for I’m not printed on paper but rather etched - etched musical note

Whenever you need to record an idea or feat, I’ll be of great assistance by turning your thoughts concrete - quill

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